Construction of Transit-Based Developments: New Policy Initiatives for Governments

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Construction of Transit-Based Developments: New Policy Initiatives for Governments


This project reviews policies and legislative programs that can be adopted at all levels of government to encourage transit-based development. The study focuses on local government implementation since it is cities and counties that have the land use responsibility for planning and zoning. The study also investigates how higher levels of government (state and federal) can encourage development through legislative and policy incentives. The study recommends some land use, legislative, and fiscal powers that are needed by local jurisdictions to carry out these incentives. The chapter entitled “Elements of Success” explains each of the recommendations in detail.



Dr. Lefaver is a former faculty member for the Department of Urban and Regional Planning at San José State University, where he taught land use and environmental planning. He earned his Master of Urban Planning from San José State University, a Master of Public Administration and Doctor of Public Administration from the University of Southern California. He is currently the principal and owner of SLSM, LLC, which buys, rehabilitates, and owns low-income tax credit housing throughout the United States. Dr. Lefaver’s research interests include land use, transit-oriented development and low-income tax credit housing. He holds professional membership in the American Planning Association, the American Institute of Certified Planners, and is a General Contractor in the State of California.

September 2001
Environmental policy
Land Use Planning
Sustainable development



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