Mineta Transportation Institute Offers Professional Certificates In Transportation Security Management

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Register now for statewide teleconference classes that begin August 5
July 13, 2009
San José, CA

The Mineta Transportation Institute (MTI), has begun accepting registration for its Certificate in Transportation Security Management (CTSM) program, taught by statewide videoconference from San Jose State University. The program offers the latest education in terrorism prevention and response information based on current research, as well as Incident Command System/Standardized Emergency Management System/National Incident Management System (ICS/SEMS/NIMS) a training certifications. Classes begin Wednesday, August 5 at 5:30 pm and are available at any Caltrans district office as well as at San Jose State. Tuition is $750.0 nd DHS 0 per class.

The certificate consists of two required courses – “Emergency Management for Transportation Professionals” and “Security Issues for Transportation Professional,” both offered in the fall semester. The two core courses, offered in the spring, are from the current graduate-level transportation management curriculum. The emergency management course is taught by Dr. Frances L. Edwards, a renowned disaster response expert. Dan Goodrich, a specialist in planning, training and exercises for Weapons of Mass Destruction/Disruption, will teach the security class. Because the CTS is a one-year program, students encouraged to start in the fall with two core classes and finish in the spring. If they wish to continue their education, students may apply six units of credits earned from the certificate program toward MTI’s 30-unit Master of Scie Transportation Management.

Students enrolling in “Security Issues for Transportation Professionals” will learn concepts and terminology associated with physical security, including:

  • Various types of physical security mechanisms and how they are blended for maximum effect
  • How to conduct a cost-benefit analysis of security plans
  • How to recognize explosives, delivery mechanisms, and potential impacts on transportation and transit facilities
  • How to audit security for an organization, with concentration on transit and transportation organizations and assets

Students will complete two Department of Homeland Security courses as part of the curriculum, and receive DHS training certificates for “Incident Response to Terrorist Bombing and Prevention” and “Response to Suicide Bombing Incidents.”

Students enrolling in “Emergency Management for Transportation Professionals” will learn:

  • Principles of the ICS/SEMS/NIMS with the opportunity to obtain a training certificate
  • Emergency operations center design and management
  • Components of an effective emergency plan for a transit or transportation agency
  • Threat assessment for transit or transportation facilities
  • Impacts of natural, technological and human-caused disasters on transit and transportation sites and systems.

Every student also will research a natural- or human-caused disaster and lead a seminar on that event.

Affiliated with the SJSU Lucas Graduate School of Business, MTI provides transportation, emergency management, law enforcement and security professionals an opportunity to pursue an advanced degree while maintaining full-time employment. Courses are delivered in the evening via the Caltrans statewide videoconference network. For more information or to register for the classes, please contact Education Program Assistant Viviann Ferea viviann@mti.sjsu.edu .


The Mineta Transportation Institute (MTI) was established by Congress in 1991 as part of the Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act (ISTEA) and was reauthorized in 1998. The institute is funded by Congress through the US DOT’s Research and Innovative Technology Administration, by the California Legislature through the Department of Transportation (Caltrans), and by other public and private grants and donations. The US DOT selected MTI as a national “Center of Excellence” following a 2002 competition.

The Institute has a Board of Trustees whose internationally-respected members represent all major surface transportation modes. MTI’s focus on policy and management resulted from a board assessment of the industry’s unmet needs and led directly to choosing the San José State University College of Business as the Institute’s home. MTI conducts research, education, and information and technology transfer focusing on transportation policy and management topics and issues.


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