PodCarCity 2019

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Tuesday, November 5, 2019 to Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Over 20 variations of podcar systems are being deployed today, offering cost-effective ways to enhance transit and help meet the challenges of urban congestion, environmental concerns and mobility for all. Larger players, such as Ericsson communication systems, NASA, Google, Amazon and a series of strong IT companies in Silicon Valley are getting involved, boosting the acceleration of automated transit forward. 

Podcar City 2019 focuses on cities and their urgent need on making a reality of new modes of public, automated transportation through technology, planning and business opportunities. Through discussions and information exchange, we will separate hype from reality and uncover practical solutions which are being investigated today to address real problems.


  • Sam Liccardo, Mayor City of San Jose, USA
  • Jeral Poskey, Google, USA
  • Alexander Kyllman, Modutram, Mexico
  • Mattias Goldmann, Sweco, Sweden
  • Robbert Lohmann, 2Getthere, Netherlands
  • Christer Lindström, 4Dialog, Sweden
  • Ron Swenson, INIST, USA
  • Susan Shaheen, UC Berkley, USA
  • Ingmar Andreasson, Logistikcentrum, Sweden
  • Matthew Lesh, Comet Mobility, USA

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