MTI Research Snaps Webinar: Artificial Intelligence for Real-Time Traffic Vision, Detection, Tracking, and Counting

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Thursday, February 10, 2022

10a.m.- 11a.m. (PT) | This webinar is only available to Caltrans.

Traffic fatalities, which are on the rise, leave pedestrians and bicyclists highly vulnerable. Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered systems that monitor and manage traffic flow can significantly improve safety for everyone. Until recently, there was no effective automated system for monitoring the movement of vulnerable road users. MTI funded research contributed to the development and implementation of  an accurate, real-time, and automatic system based on Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision to monitor, detect, track, count, and manage traffic elements like pedestrians, bicyclists, cars, and more. This cost-effective system does NOT require installing new cameras. Instead, the system has been trained on videos captured from existing traffic cameras in Los Angeles. The results demonstrate more than 97% accuracy in pedestrian counting. In this meeting, we will present the system’s features and capabilities. 

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Mohammad Pourhomayoun, PhD

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