Empower Girls, Amplify Young Voices: International Day of the Girl

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Wednesday, October 11, 2023
Smythe Cubhouse, San José, CA

3:45p.m.- 6:00p.m. (PT) | Link to register

Join us as we engage key female role models across industries to inspire young girls in the community. International Day of the Girl (IDG) is a global observance dedicated to championing the rights and empowerment of girls everywhere.

This event is an annual and internationally recognized observance on October 11th. Like its adult version, International Women's Day (March 8), International Day of the Girl acknowledges the importance, power, and potential of adolescent girls. At the same time, this day is designated to eliminate gender-based challenges that little girls face around the world. By empowering girls through education, skills training, and mentorship, we can dismantle barriers and create a world where every girl can flourish. Boys & Girls Clubs of Silicon Valley will be celebrating the entire week of October 10th-15th, and observing the 11th with an event.

To learn more about volunteer and sponsorship opportunities, visit the Boys & Girls Clubs of Silicon Valley's website

*MTI is a proud co-sponsor of this event.


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