Coming to Terms with the Bay Area's Parking Problem

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Monday, February 28, 2022

12:30p.m - 1:30p.m. (PT) | Link to register.

Parking may seem scarce when you’re looking for just the right spot, but it’s actually one of the Bay Area’s most expansive resources. With 15 million parking spaces — enough to wrap around the planet more than twice — the region has an excessive amount of parking. Yet for decades, planners have operated blindly when they attempt to determine parking needs or assess the impacts of new parking policies. Learn about a new effort, the Bay Area Parking Census, produced by the Mineta Transportation Institute in partnership with SPUR, to quantify the region’s parking supply and its negative impacts on health, climate and affordability. Join a discussion led by the effort’s principal researcher, Mikhail Chester, PhD, to learn more about the Bay Area Parking Census and the strategies that Bay Area cities can use to reduce, manage and convert parking.

Featured speakers:

  • Mikhail Chester / Arizona State University
  • Hayley Currier / TransForm
  • Laura Tolkoff / SPUR
  • Karen Philbrick / Mineta Transportation Institute


*MTI is a proud co-sponsor of this event.

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