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MTI’s expertise in surface transportation topics has brought the organization a great deal of media coverage. This list represents a sample that includes print and broadcast stories.

Date Title Media Outlet
04/08/2021 Philbrick: Moving to rail will create a more safer and sustainable planet San José Spotlight
04/07/2021 Cyber security still a real threat to highways and transport operations, hears Highways Voices Highways News
04/07/2021 Don't muddy the objectives on fighting domestic extremism MSN
04/07/2021 Don't muddy the objectives on fighting domestic extremism Press From
04/06/2021 Academic research gives a tune-up to electric vehicle market Bay Area Monitor
04/02/2021 Don’t Accept the Premise! Mayor Pete Wants to Tax Your Liberty by the Mile! The Rush Limbaugh Show
03/31/2021 No, We’re Not Getting a Federal VMT Tax (But Maybe We Should) Streetsblog USA
03/30/2021 With nine deaths in 2021 so far, San Jose seeks to reduce traffic deaths San José Spotlight
03/27/2021 It’s Not Elon Musk’s Hyperloop But Car-Clogged L.A. May Build Space-Age Monorail Forbes
03/26/2021 Survey on e-Powered Micro Personal Mobility Vehicles: Exploring Current Issues towards Future Developments Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute
03/25/2021 TRANSPORTATION BRIEFING: Buttigieg Sets Surface Transport Needs Bloomberg Government
03/23/2021 Professor of Urban Planning On Biden's Infrastructure Plan RNN Media Group
03/22/2021 CP2 Center News CSU Chico
03/19/2021 Scientists Devise Roadside Barriers to Limit Air Pollution from City Traffic Inside Science
03/16/2021 MDPI MDTI
03/15/2021 Negotiating Transportation Insecurity: Local Responses and Coping Strategies in San Jose, CA COPAA
03/15/2021 SJPD Overtime Auditor's Report KRON-TV
03/12/2021 San Jose audit: Police overtime skyrockets San Jose Spotlight
03/09/2021 Editorial: Key Bullet Train Meeting Requires an Honest Conversation Streetsblog California
03/08/2021 Letters: Teachers before seniors? The Mercury News
02/28/2021 San José boasts of repute and excellence Telangana Today
02/27/2021 Biden’s stimulus plan would give $140M to new BART stations San José Spotlight
02/24/2021 Five reasons to be wary of a new domestic terrorism law Press From
02/24/2021 Conference tackles Silicon Valley’s woes post COVID-19, starting with workplace diversity Techregister
02/09/2021 MTI: Biden plan would aid California transit agencies' recovery Progressive Railroading



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