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Winsome Bowen is a public transportation professional with over 25 years in the A/E consulting practice–with a focus on delivery of multimodal transportation and community development projects. She has provided transit industry leadership for some of the top 10 civil engineering consulting firms.

She began her career in community planning with the United Nations and in 1992 expanded into community redevelopment in South Florida in the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew before transitioning to the public transportation sector. Her career accomplishments include multimodal transportation projects built and in use across the United States. She relocated to the Bay Area to join Facebook’s HQ team and led this social media company’s regional transportation strategy and partnerships. Her leadership revived a Bay Area effort to explore a public-private partnership to assess redevelopment potential of an inactive freight right-of-way, the Dumbarton Rail Corridor, for public benefit.

Winsome Bowen   Winsome Bowen

Listen to Winsome’s discussion of how leaders encourage change and respond to dynamic realities.


Understanding oneself is key to success. Winsome believes that knowing why and what you want to accomplish has a strong bearing on your success.


Winsome Bowen   Winsome Bowen

Winsome has suggestions for emerging leaders on how to hone their leadership skills.


The future of transportation in the United States is wide open. Leaders' awareness and focus on social equity, climate change, and technology have a key role to play. 




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