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Editor & Writer

Lisa V. Rose has been MTI’s Editor and Writer since 2020. She ensures MTI's written communication is concise, effective, and accessible, contributing and editing content for newsletters, social media, press releases, blogs, and more. She helped write the grant application for the Mineta Consortium for Equitable, Efficient, and Sustainable Transportation, led by MTI, which was awarded $10 million in federal funding through the USDOT University Transportation Center Program for transportation research, education, workforce development, and technology transfer activities and $5 million from regional and state partners, including Caltrans.

While earning her MA in English and Comparative Literature from San José State University, she taught writing to undergraduate students and helped develop and implement the Reflection on College Writing online prerequisite for first-year writing for incoming SJSU students.

In addition to MTI, she has worked with the County of Santa Clara, professors and independent researchers, small publishers, and other writers from a variety of backgrounds. She is an active member of the Editorial Freelancers Association and has held workshops on language and writing. Lisa enjoys volunteering and has worked with the Conference on College Composition and Communication, the Editorial Freelancers Association, Nurture Seattle Parent Mentors, the SJSU Gender Equity Center, the Sunnyvale Public Library, Greenheart Travel, and more. Lisa dedicates herself to using language to advance equity in transportation, education, and every space she can influence. She lives in the Pacific Northwest.



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