Analyzing the Potential of Hybrid and Electric Off-Road Equipment in Reducing Carbon Emissions from Construction Industries

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Analyzing the Potential of Hybrid and Electric Off-Road Equipment in Reducing Carbon Emissions from Construction Industries


This report quantifies the likely impact recent improvements in emissions technology in the heavy construction equipment fleet will have on national and state-level carbon emissions from construction industries. Specific technologies examined in this report include hybrid and electric-powered off-road equipment. Innovation in the equipment manufacturing industry, and adoption of innovative technology by construction firms, is driven by a wide range of factors, some of which can be influenced by public policy. Therefore, this paper describes policies available to public decision makers at the local, state and national levels that impact equipment use and development decisions, including those that encourage the use of green equipment in government procurement, local level job site emissions regulations, and state and nationally mandated emissions standards, fuel taxes, and direct research subsidies.



Matthew J. Holian is a professor in the Economics Department at SJSU. He joined the faculty at SJSU in 2008 after earning his PhD in Economics at Ohio State University. He currently teaches courses in Cost-Beneit Analysis, Econometrics, Industrial Organization and Regional Economics. His research focuses on environmental, public, urban and transportation topics, and his writing has appeared in scholarly journals such as the Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, Ecological Economics, Public Choice, Environment and Urbanization Asia and the Journal of Housing Economics. In 2014, he received the Early Career Investigator Award from the SJSU Research Foundation. He lives in San Francisco with his wife and daughter.


Jae-Ho Pyeon, PhD, is an associate professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at San José State University. Dr. Pyeon received both his master’s and doctoral degrees in Civil and Coastal Engineering from the University of Florida. Currently, Dr. Pyeon is a University Representative of the Transportation Research Board and a member of the Construction Research Council, Construction Institute, and American Society of Civil Engineers. Dr. Pyeon conducts research in the area of transportation construction engineering and management and teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in construction project management, construction information technology, construction scheduling and estimating, and heavy transportation construction equipment.

September 2017
Legislation and regulation
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