MTI Mileage Fee Research and Information Directory (MFRID)

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MTI's National Transportation Finance Center created and maintains the Mileage Fee Research and Information Directory (MFRID) to serve researchers and policymakers.

Mileage fees— also known as mileage-based user fees, vehicle mile traveled fees, and road-user charges—assess a charge for each mile a vehicle travels. 

Although many states and the U.S. federal government are actively studying mileage fees, up until now there has been no publicly accessible collection of research and information on the topic. MFRID has been designed to fill that gap.

What is MFRID?

MFRID is a bibliographic directory that documents research and other published information about mileage fees, with a primary focus on publications from the United States.

MTI continually updates the directory. If you spot errors in the spreadsheet or know of additional resources to add, please email Dr. Asha Weinstein Agrawal (

How to use MFRID

MFRID is set up as a spreadsheet that users can browse online or download. (See here for tips on downloading and copying in Google Sheets.)

Because MFRID is a bibliographic directory, it contains references to published materials but does not maintain copies of the materials. While many of the items in MFRID are freely available online, others are not.

Here are suggestions for obtaining materials not available online for free:

  • Email the author to request a copy

  • Consult with a reference librarian, as many libraries can help you to obtain free copies of journal articles and other materials that are behind a paywall. In addition to checking with your local university and public libraries, the US DOT, state DOTs, metropolitan planning organizations, and other agencies maintain specialized transportation libraries with highly knowledgeable librarians.



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