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Shannon A. Brown is the Senior Vice President of Eastern Division U.S. Operations and Chief Diversity Officer at FedEx Express, the world’s largest express transportation company. In this role, Brown is responsible for station, hub, and ramp operations in the eastern U.S. region. As Chief Diversity Officer, his work also includes maintaining an effective diversity and inclusion environment where every team member is valued and has an equal opportunity to succeed.

Brown embodies the company’s shared commitment “to make every FedEx experience outstanding” and through his leadership has established a workforce dedicated to delivering the best customer service. Shannon began his career at FedEx in 1978 as a package handler at the Memphis World Hub. As he advanced in his career, he continued to demonstrate exceptional leadership qualities and a strong commitment to diversity and service. Shannon is actively involved with a variety of corporate, academic, and nonprofit institutions and currently serves on the board of directors for BancorpSouth, Inc., the Intermodal Transportation Institute at the University of Denver, and others.   

Learn more about Mr. Shannon Brown

Shannon Brown   Shannon Brown

Listen to Shannon Brown discuss his philosophy of leadership and the key competencies that successful leaders must develop.


Shannon explains how leaders need to both lead and manage corporate culture using their listening skills.


Shannon Brown   Shannon Brown

Listen to Shannon Brown talk about leading a diverse global workforce.

Creating an atmosphere where all employees and team members understand that their ideas and input are valued is an essential characteristic of an inclusive organization.


Listen to Shannon Brown talks about recovering from career setbacks

Realising that setbacks and disappointments are a feature of corporate life, Shannon explains how he learned from experience and drew on team support to advance even further. 


Shannon Brown   Shannon Brown

In this segment, Shannon discusses the future of transportation organizations.

The COVID -19 pandemic has made it even more obvious that transportation is a critical and essential part of our economic and social life that will need to adapt and change to address the needs of the future.


Understanding that preparing your team to handle a crisis is an essential part of being a leader.

Hear Shannon describe his leadership style and the need to be an aggressive listener to handle unexpected situations. 




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