David B. Abraham, PhD, AICP

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Dr. David B. Abraham is an expert in sustainable development planning and strategies, specializing in transportation planning and performance measurement. He currently leads the Office of Strategic Planning for the Harris County Toll Road Authority, where he is responsible for the agency’s portfolios in sustainability, resiliency, and equity. He also serves on the City of Houston Planning Commission and the Urban Land Institute’s Planning Advisory Service Honorary Fellowship (ULI-PASHA).

Key areas of Dr. Abraham’s scholarship include planning strategies to support built environments that enhance equity and well-being, community resiliency, and community performance metrics. He also has expertise in consensus building techniques for public participation in defining community planning objectives. Dr. Abraham’s research has been featured at workshops, keynote agendas and conference proceedings throughout the US and internationally in Ireland, Barbados, Brazil, Canada, and Portugal.

In addition to teaching at SJSU, Dr. Abraham teaches at Rice University in Houston. He has taught classes offered by the Professional Science Master’s Program, the Global Affairs Master’s Program, and the Jones School of Business.

At Texas Southern University, Dr. Abraham earned a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts, Master’s of City Planning, and PhD in Urban Planning and Environmental Policy. He is AICP certified and a LEED Certified Green Building Professional.



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