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The Mineta Consortium for Transportation Mobility organizes or participates in numerous transportation-related events each year. Details about past events, including links to presentations and other relevant resources, when available, are listed below.

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May 25, 2023  Cycling Past 50  -  Online

Most people learn to ride a bike as a child, but when do they stop cycling? May is National Bike Month, and MTI is investigating the habits of older adults who cycle with the nationwide 50+ Cycling Survey. Carol Kachadoorian, an MTI Research Associate and founder of dblTilde CRE, Inc., initiated the survey in 2018, and it has since examined the cycling habits and preferences of thousands of adults ages 50 to 85-plus. Year 5 of the 50+ Cycling Survey will begin soon, and you can be a part of it. How can our growing understanding of older cyclists affect policy, programs, design, and practice? Join us to discuss health and mobility and to dig into ways this information can be used by engineers, planners, advocates, and more.

*0.5 PDH credit available

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About the Panelist

Carol Kachadoorian
MTI Research Associate; Executive Director, dblTilde CORE, Inc.

Carol has a breadth of knowledge of and expertise in transportation planning and operations, working at both the city and regional levels, including school- and community-based active transportation plans and older adult mobility. She recognizes the importance of both big data and personal experience to determine feasible changes that make travel by all modes safe, accessible, and comfortable for all ages and abilities.

Carol has spoken nationally and regionally on the need to revise long-standing perceptions of older adults through words and images. She developed a typology of older adults’ physical activity levels that can help encourage mobility and wellness. The Mineta Transportation Institute published her pioneering work, Cycling past 50: A Closer Look into the World of Older Cyclists, and hosted the 50+ Cycling Survey Year 4. Results from the survey will be available in the Fall 2023.

Presenters: Carol Kachadoorian
May 18, 2023  2023 MSTM Capstone Showcase  -  Online

Students from the Master of Science in Transportation Management program at San José State University presented their final capstone research projects. This interactive event provided opportunities to meet with the students and learn about their research and key issues in the field of transportation.

May 16, 2023 to May 17, 2023  US High Speed Rail Conference 2023  -  Washington, D.C.

Members of Congress, government and elected officials, business leaders, and investors came together with the world's top experts to bring state-of-the-art high speed rail to America. The conference included discussions on critical topics, such as:

  • America's High-Speed Rail Revolution: Fast-Tracking the Tipping Point
  • The Biden Administration's Vision for High-Speed Rail
  • Silver Bullet Solution: Elected Officials Roundtable on High-Speed Rail
  • The Global High-Speed Rail Revolution and China's Bullet Train Empire
  • Accelerating the U.S. High Speed Rail Program and Project Delivery
  • California High-Speed Rail: America's Game-Changing Megaproject
  • Building Integrated Rail Networks: Linking to Amtrak and Regional Systems
  • World-Class Station Design and Transit Oriented Development
  • Decarbonizing the U.S. Transportation System with High-Speed Rail
  • Projects of National Significance: Ready for Major Funding
  • Pathways Toward a National High-Speed Rail Network
  • Made in America: An Industrial Strategy for U.S. High-Speed Rail
  • Scaling Up Private Sector Participation and Investment
  • Leveraging High-Speed Rail to Address the Cost of Living Crisis
  • Transforming the Politics of High-Speed Rail
  • Next Steps Toward America's High-Speed Rail Revolution

*MTI was a proud co-sponsor of this event.

May 1, 2023 to June 7, 2023  SVBC's Bike Month and Bike to Wherever Days

Whether you bike to work, school, shops, parks, libraries, or just wherever, biking is fun, and good for you and our environment. Bicycling is one of the biggest ways you can reduce Climate Change as well as improve your health!

May was Bike Month and May 18, 19 and 20 were Bike to Work/Wherever Days!

We want as many people as possible to get in the habit of bicycling for transportation rather than driving a car. Did you know that it’s possible to move more stuff using your bike than most people can fit in a car? Check out Carrying Things by Bike. And did you know if you choose to bike rather than drive you can save 1 million dollars?  See below for many fun things you can do during Bike Month and Bike to Wherever Days!

*MTI was a proud co-sponsor of this event.

Major Bike Month Events

  • 4/6 — Bike Commuting (Online class).

  • 4/11 — Smart Cycling (Part 1 - Online class). Learn how to ride just about everywhere from busy streets to crossing the US.

  • 4/19 — Smart Cycling (Part 2 - In person) - Turn classroom learning into muscle memory and practice on real streets under expert supervision.

  • 4/23 — Viva Calle San Jose — A super Open Street event for all that is not to be missed.

  • 4/26 — Basic Bike Maintenance (In person) — Get your bike ready for Bike Month!

  • 5/1-31 — Bike Month — All month.

  • 5/1 — Biking Basics (Online) — Learn the essentials to keep you safe when bicycling.

  • 5/13 — Volunteer BTWD bag stuffing.

  • 5/15 — Volunteer BTWD bag distribution to energizer stations.

  • 5/16 — Basic Bike Maintenance (In person).

  • 5/18 — Bike To Work Day. With Energizer Stations across San Mateo and Santa Clara counties. Concludes with Bike Bash events.

  • 5/18 — Bike Bash party.

  • 5/19-20 — Bike to Wherever Days. With Energizer Stations across San Mateo and Santa Clara counties.

  • 5/19 — San Jose Bike Party.

  • 5/24 — Smart Cycling (Part 1 - Online) Learn how to ride just about everywhere from busy streets to crossing the US.

  • 5/28 — Smart Cycling (Part 2 - In person) - Turn classroom learning into muscle memory and practice on real streets under expert supervision.

  • 6/7 — Family Biking (Online).

April 28, 2023  Transport and the Triple Bottom Line Summit 2023: Transit Lessons Learned from the Pandemic (So Far)  -  Online

The Transport and the Triple Bottom Line Summit sought to explore the concept of 'sustainable transport,' leaving attendees with a fuller understanding, and most importantly, a definition for the term. Panelists and speakers included an array of national experts, practitioners, and scholars on social equity and transport, the environmental impact of transport, financial mechanisms for secure and continuous operations, as well as, decision-makers currently involved in California's notable public-private partnerships. Further, conference panelists included leaders in the advocacy, public, private, P3, and nonprofit sectors. Integrating existing discourse and studies on sustainability and Elkington's and Savitz's Triple Bottom Line, attendees leave with a holistic and objective definition of sustainable transport, allowing all parties the ability to confidently and equally assess and explain such transport.

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*MTI was a proud co-sponsor of this event.

April 27, 2023  Combating Human Trafficking in Transportation (2023 Caltrans Safety Awareness Week)  -  Online

Human trafficking, a form of modern slavery, is the recruitment, transport, and/or transfer of persons using force, fraud, or coercion to exploit them for acts of labor, services, or sex. It is the fastest growing organized crime with approximately $150B in annual profits. Because trafficking relies on the transportation network to recruit, move, and transfer victims and to move goods produced by forced labor, the transportation industry plays a critical role in preventing and combating human trafficking.  Transportation can also be a gateway for survivors to leave their trafficking situation and obtain aid to rebuild their lives. 

For 2023 Caltrans Safety Awareness Week, the Mineta Transportation Institute hosted a one-hour webinar featuring expert panelists to showcase efforts to combat human trafficking in the United States. Experts discussed these critical questions: How can industry employees protect loved ones & our community? How can we learn to identify risk factors and signs of human trafficking when in the transportation system? 

Watch the recording to learn more about the role of transportation industry stakeholders in facilitating effective prevention training programs and increasing accurate victim identification, as well as putting in place survivor-centered and trauma-informed response protocols.

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About the Panelists

  • Paul Chang, Regional Anti-Human Trafficking Coordinator, US Department of Labor – Wage and Hour Division

Paul Chang serves as the Regional Anti-Human Trafficking Coordinator at the U.S. Department of Labor – Wage and Hour Division. In his 28+ years with the agency, Paul worked on some of the most celebrated cases as an investigator and Assistant District Director. He developed numerous training materials and programs, including the Enterprise Model that focuses on strategic approaches to prosecution, protection, and prevention of forced labor. Paul served as the National Co-Chair of the White House Initiative on Asian Americans Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders (WHIAANHPI) Regional Network. Paul is also a lecturer at Cal State LA’s MPA program and Vanguard University on Human Trafficking. He is the recipient of numerous Secretary’s Awards and community honors, including the 2019 Global Center for Women and Justice Diamond Award.

  • Evelyn Chumbow, Operations Manager and Survivor Advocate, Human Trafficking Legal Center (HTLC)

Evelyn Chumbow is a survivor of child labor trafficking turned anti-trafficking activist and public speaker. Chumbow has been invited to brief several government agencies about human trafficking from a survivor’s perspective, including the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI, the State Department, and the Department of Justice. She was appointed by President Obama to serve on the U.S. Advisory Council on Human Trafficking. She has been invited as a speaker to international events and has been awarded many honors for her work. Chumbow serves as an advisor to human trafficking NGOs and on the Board of Directors for Free the Slaves. Chumbow hopes to leverage her unique position as a former child slave to end human trafficking in her hometown and globally.

  • Aston Greene, Chief of System Safety and Security, Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA)

  • Polly Hanson, Senior Director, Security, Risk and Emergency Management, American Public Transportation Association (APTA)

Polly Hanson coordinates with APTA stakeholders to develop transit security, risk and emergency management standards and policies. She serves as the Vice-chair of the TSA Surface Transportation Security Advisory Committee. Previously Ms. Hanson was the Chief of Police for AMTRAK, where she led a national police department responsible for protecting over 30 million passengers and 20,000 employees. Additionally, as the Chief of the Metro Transit Police in D.C., she led a tristate police department and directed the response to the terrorist attacks in Madrid and London. She received WMATA’s Carmen E. Turner Award, and the Conference of Minority Transportation Officials (COMTO) named Ms. Hanson a “Woman Who Moves the Nation.” Ms. Hanson is a member of the Operation Lifesaver, Inc Board of Directors.

Dr. Yagci Sokat is an Assistant Professor of Business Analytics at San José State University and a Research Associate at the Mineta Transportation Institute with a passion for using analytics to alleviate human suffering in the areas of public health, humanitarian logistics, and human trafficking. Supported by the United States Department of Transportation, IBM, Valley Transportation Authority and San José State University, she has led various multi-disciplinary anti-trafficking projects and has served on several local anti-trafficking committees. She received her PhD in Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences from Northwestern University and holds master’s degrees from Georgia Institute of Technology with a Fulbright scholarship.

Presenters: Paul Chang, Evelyn Chumbow, Aston Greene, Polly Hanson, Dr. Kezban Yagci Sokat
April 23, 2023 VivaCalle @ SJSU

Viva CalleSJ was a free program that temporarily closes miles of San José streets to bring communities together to walk, bike, skate, play, and explore the city like never before. Attendees could enter through any of the side streets to join thousands as they wander through activity hubs, watch live art being created, see demonstrations of BMX specialists, purchase food from local food trucks, stop at a bike maintenance tent, grab water from one of the many water stations, hang out to watch a band or two, or play a few games. 

This year, SJSU was an official activity hub! At the SJSU Activity Hub, attendees all kinds of fun activities, including

  • Join the SJPL Makerspace[ship] Bus
  • Enjoy dancing from many cultures with Mosaic America
  • Speak with Council Member Omar Torres' office
  • Build a new city with SJSU Urban Planning
  • Learn how to say greetings in one of San José's many languages
  • Play games with SJSU Athletics
  • Learn about and take a selfie at the Cesar Chavez Arch
  • Dance to the marching band
  • Make some art
  • Participate in exercise demos
  • Win some swag from prize wheels
  • Purchase food from on-site food trucks

MTI was a proud co-sponsor of the SJSU Urban Planning's activity hub. 

March 21, 2023  When Women Lead: Strategies to Advance Equity

In celebration of Women’s History Month, the Mineta Transportation Institute (MTI) and the Conference of Minority Transportation Officials (COMTO) hosted a conversation with a diverse panel of women transportation leaders representing academia, public and private industries, and the nonprofit sectors as they shared personal stories from their careers and lessons learned as they rose to the top. 

Moderated by April Rai, CEO of COMTO and a member of the MTI Board of Trustees, this webinar delved into a critical issue faced by the transportation industry: How are we prioritizing women and other traditionally underrepresented voices to build the most inclusive and effective transportation workforce for our future? What can their success stories teach us about the values of empowering women? 


  • Melissa Figueroa, Chief of Strategic Communications, California High-Speed Rail Authority (CAHSRA)

  • Dr. Karen Philbrick, Executive Director, Mineta Transportation Institute (MTI)

  • Kimberly Slaughter, CEO, SYSTRA USA

  • Lynda Tran, Director of Public Engagement & Senior Advisor, U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT)

Moderator: April Rai, President & CEO, Conference of Minority Transportation Officials (COMTO)

This event was co-sponsored by COMTO and WTS San Francisco Bay Area Chapter.

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About the Panelists

  • Melissa Figueroa, Chief of Strategic Communications, California High-Speed Rail Authority (CAHSRA)

As the Chief of Strategic Communications, Melissa oversees the communications branches for media, stakeholder engagement, special projects, and outreach. Melissa previously served as CalSTA’s Deputy Secretary of Communications and Strategic Planning; Deputy Secretary of Communications and External Affairs at the Business, Consumer Services and Housing Agency; and Deputy Secretary of Communications at the State and Consumer Services Agency. Before beginning work in the state’s executive branch, Melissa worked within the Legislature as Press Secretary for California State Senator Joe Simitian. Figueroa graduated from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo in 2002 with a degree in Journalism. She served as a student representative on the department’s advisory board and now serves on the Cal Poly Journalism Advisory Board.

Karen Philbrick is the executive director of the Mineta Transportation Institute (MTI) at San José State University, a position she has held since 2014. MTI leads three multi university competitively selected consortia: the Mineta Consortium for Transportation Mobility (MCTM) funded by the US Department of Transportation, the California State University Transportation Consortium (CSUTC) funded by the Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017 (CA Senate Bill 1) and the Climate Change and Extreme Events Training and Research Program funded by the Federal Railroad Administration. 

Dr. Philbrick has received many prestigious awards for her leadership excellence and outstanding contributions to her field. She received the CUTC Administrative Leadership award, the Conference of Minority Transportation Officials (COMTO) named Dr. Philbrick a “Woman Who Moves the Nation,” the Silicon Valley Business Journal named Dr. Philbrick 1 of the 100 Women of Influence in Silicon Valley.

Kimberly Slaughter has been involved in the development of mobility solutions for over 30 years and has a wealth of experience in the transportation industry, working for planning, architecture/engineering consulting firms and public transportation providers. She is a graduate of the University of Texas in Austin with an MSc in Community and Regional Planning. Kim was appointed to head the American Public Transportation Association’s (APTA) subcommittee for the Mobility Restoration & Recovery Task Force. Kim has also served on the APTA Board of Directors and Business Members Board of Governors, Business Council of the African American Mayors Association, Women’s Transportation Seminar, and Conference of Minority Transportation Officials.

  • Lynda Tran, Director of Public Engagement & Senior Advisor, U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT)

Lynda Tran serves as Director of Public Engagement and Senior Advisor to the Secretary. A longtime organizer and communicator with over two decades experience in policy, advocacy, and campaigns, Lynda returns to DOT after co-founding 270 Strategies, where she developed public engagement strategies for clients across the globe – including the Environmental Defense Fund, Oxfam America, United Way Worldwide, FAMM, the Black Economic Alliance, and the Economic Security Project. Recently, she was a senior strategist for Bill Gates’ Breakthrough Energy and served on the Board of Advisors for Higher Ground Labs and Battleground Texas. A CBS News Political Contributor through the 2020 cycle, she previously led teams for Organizing for America, then-Governor Tim Kaine, and SEIU.

  • (Moderator) April Rai, President & CEO, Conference of Minority Transportation Officials (COMTO)

April joined COMTO in December 2021 as President and CEO with nearly 20 years of experience managing private, public sector and non-profit organizations. Previously, April served as Deputy Executive Director for Women’s Transportation Seminar International (WTS), leading the management of operations, staffing and program management for 65 chapters across North America. Prior to joining WTS, April served as the CEO for the National Organizations for Youth Safety (NOYS), a coalition of over 100 organizations and agencies dedicated to youth health and safety education. April’s current appointments include Board Member, Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA), Board Member, Mineta Transportation Institute and numerous transportation related advisory boards.

March 18, 2023  Environmental Literacy Summit  -  Santa Clara County Office of Education, 1290 Ridder Park Drive, San José, CA 95131

The Santa Clara County Office of Education hosted their second annual Environmental Literacy Summit on Saturday, March 18, featuring guest speakers, student-led panels, interactive workshops, and an opportunity to connect with community-based partners.

Session Topics: 

  • Action & Advocacy in the Community 
  • Cultivating Green & Sustainable Campuses and Facilities 
  • School Gardens for Health and Education 
  • Inclusive Environmental Literacy Education 
  • Indigenous Knowledge & Land-Based Pedagogy 
  • Climate Action & Education 
  • Green Career Pathways 

*MTI was an exhibitor at this event. 

February 28, 2023  Voices of Impact  -  Online

This webinar was the fourth part of MTI Research Snaps' Advancing Transportation Equity series.

The Mineta Transportation Institute partnered with the California Planning Roundtable on Voices of Impact, an oral history project focused on identifying how past planning practices have impacted communities of color. The project highlights the voices of people who ordinarily may be reluctant to share their stories—to raise public awareness and to suggest how planning professionals and policy makers can change their practices in response. This film shares the unique stories of six individuals impacted by housing and land use policies enacted by federal, state and local governments and their successful community efforts for positive impact through emerging practices of equitable planning. This webinar shared critical perspectives that often go unheard, created a platform for historically underrepresented communities, and collaborated to find real solutions for injustice in our communities.


Watch the Project Video

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About the Presenter

Miguel Angel Vazquez, AICP, serves as the President of California Planning Roundtable. He is one of the first planners hired by a public health department in the nation. His role at the Riverside University Health System-Public Health is to strengthen the integration of planning and health through collaboration with non-traditional partners. The American Planning Association and affiliates have recognized his work and leadership with numerous awards, including the 2018 APA President’s Award and the 2020 APA California Distinguished Contribution Award.

About the Series

Transportation moves the world—impacting the lives of everyone, everywhere. Like many industries, transportation has dealt with its share of issues in equity. Transportation professionals work collaboratively to identify, analyze, and overcome inequities in the industry, acknowledging a sometimes-painful past to ensure that transportation policies serve all communities equitably

This February, we hosted a 4-part MTI Research Snaps series on “Advancing Transportation Equity.” In this series, MTI researchers discussed transforming equity in transportation as we reflected on some of the most pressing issues of diversity and accessibility in the industry as a whole and how to overcome them. 

Webinars include:

  • Webinar #1 | Feb 7, 12:30-1:00p.m. (PT) | Exploring the Use of Public Transportation Among Older Adults During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A National Survey

  • Webinar #2 | Feb 14, 1:30-2:00p.m. (PT) | The Central Valley Transportation Challenge 

  • Webinar #3 | Feb 21, 12:30-1:00p.m. (PT) | Free Transit: It All Depends on How 

  • Webinar #4 | Feb 28, 12:30-1:00p.m. (PT) | Voices of Impact

Presenters: Miguel A. Vasquez, AICP




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