Education & Workforce Development

Education & Workforce Development

Developing a transportation workforce that possesses the skills needed to plan, design, deploy, operate, and maintain transportation systems that may not even exist today presents a unique and exciting challenge. Educators must engage with industry leaders on an ongoing basis to identify emerging career pathways, continually review and revise their offerings, find creative ways to attract potential entrants, and not only provide students with the skills they need today but inspire them to lead the way into the future.


  • Offers interdisciplinary degree programs, coursework, and other learning experiences in transportation-related fields;

  • Offers a variety of certificate programs focused on transportation subfields;

  • Arranges internships for students with transportation industry employers to provide real-world experience and establish industry connections; and
  • Offers students the opportunity to serve as assistants on research projects, providing a basis for professional papers as well as financial support.



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