With a growing population and increasing volume of transported goods, incremental improvements in mobility will not be enough to address the nation’s mobility requirements. “Smart solutions” are needed – innovative approaches to mobility that combine new technologies with non-traditional tools. Rigorous, applied research is the most effective way to develop solutions that can provide the order-of magnitude leap needed to realize our vision of convenient, accessible mobility for all people and goods.

MCTM leverages expertise and resources across the four partners to conduct cutting-edge, impactful research aligned with the Consortium’s goal and objectives.

Goal: Lead the nation in research that identifies safe, reliable transportation solutions that increase mobility of people and goods and strengthen the nation’s economy

  • Objective 1: Leverage new technologies and innovative processes to achieve a seamless, multimodal surface transportation system that integrates with other “smart city” investments.
  • Objective 2: Create a safer, more reliable, and more resilient surface transportation system that improves equity through increased access to jobs, housing, services, and other opportunities.
  • Objective 3: Reduce the impact of transportation on climate change by identifying feasible alternative modes and fuels and effective ways to reduce vehicle miles traveled.
  • Objective 4: Extend surface transportation access to people of all abilities and socioeconomic levels, connecting people to where they live, work, and play.
  • Objective 5: Optimize passenger and freight movements to improve mobility of people and goods through development of more accurate data models and advanced application of analytical tools.

Research and Consulting Associate Certification

MCTM’s research is conducted by certified Research and Consulting Associates. Certification usually requires a PhD, but practitioners with an advanced degree and a record of peer-reviewed, published research also may qualify. More information about applying for certification, and to view a list of current RAs and CAs, please visit our Research and Consulting Associates page.


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