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The Mineta Consortium for Transportation Mobility organizes or participates in numerous transportation-related events each year. Details about past events, including links to presentations and other relevant resources, when available, are listed below.

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October 18, 2019  A Look Forward, a Look Back: Lessons Applied 30 Years After Loma Prieta  -  San José, CA

Thirty years ago the San Andreas Fault ruptured near Loma Prieta Peak, creating the largest urban earthquake in over 80 years. The M 6.9 earthquake took 63 lives and injured another 3,757. Many of those due to the destroyed urban infrastructure, such as the Cypress structure on I-880 in Oakland, and the collapse of homes in San Francisco's Marina District. These catastrophes provided civil engineers and public policy leaders with a multitude of lessons to apply in the event of another "Killer Quake."
MTI and San Jose State University's (SJSU) College of Engineerin welcomed Dr. Anne Wein, US Geological Survey, Operations Research Analyst, who delivered the pivotal keynote address. Dr. Frances Edwards, MTI's Deputy Director of the National Transportation Security Center, chaired the discussion with Dr. Steven Vukazich of SJSU's Material and Civil Engineering Departments and Ash Padwal Chief Risk Officer of Allied Telesis leading panels on changes over the last 30 years that have enhanced seismic safety, as well as future developments needed to improve the Bay Area's earthquake resilience.

September 22, 2019  Sunday Friends' 2nd Annual STEAM Fair

MTI excitedly participated in the 2nd Annual STEAM Fair for a day of discovery, learning, and reaching for the beyond! The STEAM Fair is a whole day dedicated to having fun exploring the wonders of STEAM and hopefully spark an interest in youth to pursue a career in a field they never considered before.

September 19, 2019  MTI Research Snaps Webinar: "Will CA's Green Goal for ZEVs Cut Revenue Along with Greenhouse Gas Emissions?"

California is in the midst of several ambitious shifts in its transportation infrastructure, funding, and vehicle fleet composition. Governor Jerry Brown set a target of reaching 5 million zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) by 2030. Such a rapid increase of electric cars would mean fewer drivers paying fuel taxes, the state’s largest source of transportation revenue. But, in 2017 the passage of SB1 added annual road improvement fees, some of which vary with the value of the vehicles. Researchers compared the revenue lost to the state because electric vehicles with revenue gained by the new fees and found surprising results. The switch to electric vehicles will not necessarily reduce the state’s future revenue for transportation programs. 

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Presenters: Asha W. Agrawal, PhD, and Matin Wachs, PhD
September 14, 2019  Latinos in Transit Leadership Summit  -  Irvine, CA

The LIT Inaugural Leadership Summit welcomed the nation's top Latino transit leaders to discuss career advancement for mid-level managers seeking to grow in their industry.

September 10, 2019 to September 13, 2019 6th International Conference on Women’s Issues in Transportation “Insights, Inclusion, and Impact: Framing the Future for Women in Transportation”  -  Irvine, CA

6th International Conference on Women’s Issues in Transportation

“Insights, Inclusion, and Impact:
Framing the Future for Women in Transportation”

Tuesday September 10-13, 2019

Beckman Center
100 Academy Way
Irvine, California 92617


Organized by
Transportation Research Board


The 2019 WIiT conference, sixth in a series that began in 1978, will focus on women's issues related to all aspects of travel and transportation. The 2014 conference, under the theme Bridging the Gap, explored and addressed the gender differences in access to transportation and mobility, responsiveness of transport systems to needs and preferences of women, transportation safety, personal security, and participation of women in decision-making and wealth creation in the transportation sector. The 2019 conference will pick up similar themes, this time guided by an evaluative framework of three lenses: insights, inclusion and impact.


August 17, 2019  Women's Leadership Policy Summit  -  San José, CA

Supervisor Cindy Chavez, SJSU's Mineta Transportation Institute, and a community of female leaders and allies came together for another powerful Summit to address and challenge high need issues in our County. Attendees learned and engaged on new ideas and initiatives, built relationships with policy makers, were empowered at the Lunch and Mentor Session, and connected with local nonprofits and agencies at the Resource fair.

  • The Intersection of Housing and Transportation
  • Social Equity and Advocacy
  • Women's Initiatives
  • Leadership 101: Be an Effective Leader
  • Immigration: Keeping Families Together and Initiatives to Support our Immigrant Communities
July 10, 2019  TechCrunch Sessions: Mobility 2019  -  San José, CA

TC Sessions: Mobility presented a day of programming with the best founders, investors and technologists who are hell-bent on inventing a future Henry Ford could have never imagined.TechCrunch’s editors challenged the assumptions and break through the hype to help attendees understand the current state of the mobility revolution and define who will be in the driver’s seat when the future is realized.

June 22, 2019  27th Annual Awards Banquet and Convocation Celebration  -  San José, CA

Graduates of MTI's Masters of Science in Transportation Management were honored at a banquet attended by families and friends as well as national and international transportation leaders. California Montessori Project Capitol Campus was declared this year's winning team in the Garrett Morgan Sustainable Transportation Competition, and Lorena Bernal-Vidal was honored with the MSTM  Student of the Year among other celebratory events.

Images courtesy of Robert Bain and Irma Garcia.

Thank you to our wonderful sponsors for making this event possible!

June 21, 2019  The Intersection between Transportation and Housing: Building Blocks to the Future  -  San Francisco, CA
While the San Francisco Bay Area is booming with jobs and (for many) high wages, people are increasingly priced out of the housing market. The region risks losing people to fill jobs that are essential to California’s economy. A variety of taxes, grants, fees and other public revenue sources can help fund affordable housing. Moreover, an innovative solution is to involve public transportation agencies. To that end, agency-owned land in and around transportation hubs could be incentivized to create transit-oriented development projects, which place high-density housing above or adjacent to transit centers. This provides easy mobility while offering less-costly living space.
These and other innovations were discussed at the 10th Annual Norman Y. Mineta National Transportation Policy Summit, a free, half-day event hosted by the Mineta Transportation Institute at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco.

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June 19, 2019  Prospect Silicon Valley’s Innovation and Impact Symposium 2019  -  San Leandro, CA

Prospect Silicon Valley’s Innovation and Impact Symposium focused on emerging technologies in advanced mobility, energy and the built environment. This year’s event highlighted the accomplishments and progress surrounding innovation, specifically the impact of transforming California with clean technology. The region’s leaders from the startup, corporate, public and research communities gathered to examine what it takes to integrate and implement solutions for maximum impact. 




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