UTC Project Information

Topic Project Number
A Smart Growth Calculator 1805
Development of a Statistical Model to Predict Materials' Unit Prices for Future Maintenance and Rehabilitation in Highway Life Cycle Cost Analysis 1806
Analysis of the Benefits of Green Streets 1807
Traffic Monitoring and Management for Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety Using Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence 1808
2018 Census of California Water Transit Services 1809
Crime and Harassment on Public Transportation: A Survey of SJSU Students Set in International Context 1810
Promises and Projects: Examining Accountability and Equity in County Sales Tax Measures for Transportation in California 1811
Evaluation of Coordinated Ramp Metering (CRM) Implemented by Caltrans 1812
Impact of Smart Phones' Interaction Modality on Driving Performance for Conventional and Autonomous Vehicles 1813
Will Ride-Hailing Enhance Mobility for Older Adults? A California Survey 1815
Cost-Benefit Analysis of Transit Access Modes: A Case Study in the San Francisco Bay Area 1816
Congestion-Clearing Payments to Passengers 1817
Harnessing the Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHGs) Mitigation Potential of On-demand Mobility and Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) 1818
Promoting Transit-Oriented Developments by Addressing Barriers Related to Land Use, Zoning, and Value Capture 1819
TOD and Park-and-Ride: Which is Appropriate Where? 1820
Measuring Success for Safe Routes to School Programs 1821
Estimating Impacts of Automated Shuttles 1822
Design of a Feedback-Controlled Wireless Converter for Electric Vehicle Wireless Charging Applications 1835
Freeways and Farms: Veggielution & Taylor Street Urban Farms Study 1890
Not Just an Ache: Examining the Rate of Musculoskeletal Pain in City Bus Drivers 1892
Attracting and Retaining Women in the Transportation Industry 1893
A Smart Growth & Equity Framework and Tool for Measuring, Understanding, and Realizing Transportation Land Use Coordination for Sustainability, Livability, and Equity 1899
Caltrans Tribal Planning 1902
Curbside Management: Understanding Impacts of On-Demand Mobility on Public Transit Use and Vulnerable Road Users 1904
Hybrid and Battery Electric Vehicles: Ownership and Adoption Dynamics 1905