MCTM’s research uses a multidisciplinary approach that addresses the complex nature of today’s mobility challenges. The following is a list of MCTM publications. The Consortium is actively engaged in dozens of research projects. Check back often for the latest releases.

Title Date Author MTI Project
Managing the Curb: Understanding the Impacts of On-Demand Mobility on Public Transit, Micromobility, and Pedestrians July 2022 Shaheen, Martin, Cohen, Broader & Davis 1904
Aligning the Transit Industry and Their Vendors in the Face of Increasing Cyber Risk: Recommendations for Identifying and Addressing Cybersecurity Challenges July 2022 Belcher, Belcher, Seckman, Thomas & Yaqub 2113
Influence of Level 1 and Level 2 Automated Vehicles on Fatal Crashes and Fatal Crash Occurrence June 2022 Gajera, Pulugurtha & Mathew 2034
Impact of Dedicated Bus Lanes on Intersection Operations and Travel Time Model Development June 2022 Arhin, Manandhar, Obike & Anderson 2040
Free Transit: It All Depends on How June 2022 Schank & Huang 2236
Assessing Public Health Benefits of Replacing Freight Trucks with Cargo Cycles in Last Leg Delivery Trips in Urban Centers June 2022 Hartle, Elrahman, Wang, Rodriguez, Ding & McGahan 1952
Robots Among Us: An Analysis of Community Perspectives and Reactions toward Sidewalk Delivery Robots in the City of San José May 2022 Alexander 2203
What Do Americans Think about Federal Tax Options to Support Transportation? Topline Results from Year Thirteen of a National Survey (Perspective) April 2022 Agrawal & Nixon 2208A
The Allocation of Costs and Control: A Case Study of PRIIA Section 209 and Amtrak State-Supported Routes April 2022 German 2219
Inventorying San Francisco Bay Area Parking Spaces: Technical Report Describing Objectives, Methods, and Results February 2022 Chester, Helmrich & Li 2123




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