MCTM’s research uses a multidisciplinary approach that addresses the complex nature of today’s mobility challenges. The following is a list of MCTM publications. The Consortium is actively engaged in dozens of research projects. Check back often for the latest releases.

Title Date Author MTI Project
Assessing Complete Street Strategies Using Microscopic Traffic Simulation Models June 2020 Liu, Shams, Howard, Alexander, Hughes & Pande 1712
How Sophisticated are Terrorist Attacks on Passenger Rail Transportation June 2020 Jenkins & Butterworth 1775
What Do Americans Think About Federal Tax Options to Support Transportation? Results from Year Eleven of a National Survey June 2020 Agrawal & Nixon 2007
Evaluation of Coordinated Ramp Metering (CRM) Implemented by Caltrans April 2020 Molan, Murugesan, Shams, Tortora, Rahman, Loh & Pande 1812
Crime and Harassment on Public Transportation: A Survey of SJSU Students Set in International Context March 2020 Agrawal, Loukaitou-Sideris, Tortora & Hu 1810
The Potential for Autonomous Vehicle Technologies to Address Barriers to Driving for Individuals with Autism February 2020 Rodier 1706
A Smart Growth & Equity Framework and Tool for Measuring, Understanding, and Realizing Transportation Land Use Coordination for Sustainability, Livability, and Equity February 2020 Appleyard, Allen & Stanton 1899
Transportation, Terrorism and Crime: Deterrence, Disruption and Resilience January 2020 Goodrich & Edwards 1896
Impact of Smart Phones’ Interaction Modality on Driving Performance for Conventional and Autonomous Vehicles January 2020 Favaro 1813
The Potential for Using Loyalty Rewards and Incentives Programs to Encourage Transit Ridership and Regional Transportation and Land Use Integration December 2019 Ferrell 1797




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