Research In Progress

CSUTC focuses on researching safe, reliable solutions that increase mobility of people and goods and strengthen California’s economy. Broadly, SB 1 identified a number of high priority needs for California: congestion relief (including traffic management systems), trade corridor enhancements, improved transit and rail, pedestrian and cyclist safety projects, as well as maintenance and rehabilitation for California’s road and bridge infrastructure. CSUTC research is designed to align with these priorities and ensure improved mobility for Californians. A current list of ongoing research projects is listed below.

Topic Project Number Principal Investigator
Right on Red: Energy Saving Measure or Unsafe Maneuver 2347 Bruce Appleyard
Construction Contracting in the Zero-emission Transportation Sector: A State Program for Disadvantaged Businesses 2348 Gokce Soydemir
Assessing Perceived Safety of Non-Motorized Travel with Immersive Virtual Reality 2349 Vahid Balali
Artificial Intelligence for Pedestrian and Bicyclist Safety: Using AI to Detect and Report Near-Miss Collisions 2350 Mohammad Pourhomayoun, Ph.D.
Intelligent Blind Crossings for Suburban and Rural Intersections 2351 Dr. Shahab Tayeb
Spatio-Temporal Analysis of the Roadside Transportation-Related Air Quality: Mobile Air Sensors in Transit Pilot Study 2352 Jaymin Kwon
Smart Robot Design and Implementation to Assist Pedestrian Road Crossing 2353 Hovannes Kulhandjian
Traffic Sign Extraction from Mobile LiDAR Point Cloud 2354 Yushin Ahn
Fresno County Afterschool Transportation Education 2355 Christian Wandeler
Critical Review of Transportation Evacuation Models Applied to the California Central Valley 2356 Jorge E. Pesantez Ph.D.
Does California High-Speed Rail Promote Accessibility for Station Cities? Case study of Fresno and Merced 2358 Chih-Hao Wang
Exploring Performance-Based Contracts: a Good Option to Address Long-Term Road Maintenance in California? 2359 Maria Calahorra-Jimenez
Development of Physics-Based Deterioration Models for Reinforced Soil Retaining Structures 2360 Amr M. Morsy
Transit Workforce Development Challenges and Mitigation Practices 2361 Jodi Godfrey
Evaluating the Indirect ROI of Transit Agency Training Partnerships with Two-year Colleges 2364 Kathleen F. McConnell
Cost Estimating Models for the State Highway Operation and Protection Program (SHOPP) Portfolio of Projects 2365 Elhami Nasr, Ph.D.
Exploring E-Bike Safety Performance Data and Policy Options 2423 Asha Weinstein Agrawal
Hydrogen Fuel Cell Application for Port Drayage Trucks: Integrated transportation and energy modeling 2437 Shams Tanvir
Evaluation of Long-Term Performance of Transportation Earthworks Prone to Weather-Driven Deterioration Under Changing Climate 2438 Amr M. Morsy
ECO-DRIVE: Efficient Car Operations via Data-Driven Routing to Impede Vehicle Emissions 2439 Tairan Liu
Sustainable Frameworks and Life Cycle Assessment for Reinforced Concrete Bridges for Sustainability in Transportation 2440 Yu-Fu Ko
Fuel Cell System Development for Heavy-Duty Vehicles 2441 Yu Yang
Reducing Ambient NOx with an Environmental Artificial Tree (EAT) 2442 Hamid Rahai
Acquisition of Intra-Vehicular Network Testbed 2445 Dr. Shahab Tayeb
Wildfire Emergency Response and Evacuation Framework Using Drones: Phase I 2446 Hovannes Kulhandjian




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