CSUTC is actively engaged in a wide range of research projects. Check back often for the latest releases.

Title Date Author MTI Project
Moving from Walkability? Evaluation Traditional and Merging Data Sources for Evaluating Changes in Campus-Generated Greenhouse Gas Emissions November 2019 Kawahara, Liu, Pande, Thigpen & Voulgaris 1857
Youth Design the Future of Transportation for Their Community October 2019 Wandeler, Hart, & Mercado 1909
Manual for Chip Seals October 2019 Hicks, Cheng & Lane 1845A
Bridge Monitoring Using a Digital Camera: Photogrammetry-Based Bridge Dynamic Deformation Monitoring October 2019 Ahn, Peterson & Nazari 1873
Collaboratively Connecting: Public Polling as a Foundation for Integrated Transportation Decision-Making Networks September 2019 Van Leuven & Smith 1874
The “GO-Virtual Initiative”: Using Flexible Workplace Practices to Reduce Traffic Congestion, Increase Economic Development, and Provide More Access to Affordable Housing Choices in the South Bay Region of Los Angeles County August 2019 Prager, Rhoads, Martinez, Cagle, Baum & Bacharach 1860
Developing a Fair Accessibility Framework through Green (Non-Auto) Transportation Modes for Fresno, California August 2019 Wang & Chen 1871
Green Strategies for Design and Construction of Non-Auto Transportation Infrastructure July 2019 Nazari, Tehrani, Ansari, Jeevanlal, Rahman, & Farshidpour 1872
Sensitivity Analysis on Semi-Circular Bending Tests Using the Plackett-Burman Matrix July 2019 Saadeh, Al-Zubi & Renteria 1869
The Impact of ZEV Adoption on California Transportation Revenue July 2019 Wachs, King, & Agrawal 1850