CSUTC’s research uses a multidisciplinary approach that addresses the complex nature of today’s mobility challenges. The following is a list of CSUTC publications. The Consortium is actively engaged in dozens of research projects. Check back often for the latest releases.

Title Date Author MTI Project
Fragmented or Aligned Climate Action: Assessing Linkages Between Regional and Local Planning Efforts to Meet Transportation Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Targets November 2022 Alexander, Zandiatashbar & Tatarevic 2146
Large-Eddy Simulations of Wind Shear from Passing Vehicles Under a Freeway Overpass October 2022 Rahai & Begum 2145
2022 Mineta Summer Transportation Institute at San José State University October 2022 Weinardy 2250
Understanding COVID-19’s Impact on Local Transportation Revenue - A Mid-Crisis View from Experts October 2022 Agrawal, Alexander & Hooper 1938B
Routes to Lower Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Freight Transportation in the City of San José October 2022 Alexander, Laveroni, Friedman & Thiagarajan 2237
Charging Drivers by the Gallon vs. the Mile: An Equity Analysis by Geography and Income in California September 2022 Speroni, Agrawal, Manville & Taylor 2238
Damage Detection and Damage Localization in Bridges with Low-Density Instrumentations Using the Wave-Method: Application to a Shake-Table Tested Bridge September 2022 Rahmani, Xintong & Kiet 2033
“TELE-commuting” During the COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond: Unveiling State-wide Patterns and Trends of Telecommuting in Relation to Transportation, Employment, Land Use, and Emissions in California August 2022 Lu, Ke, Prager & Martinez 2147
Manual for Asphalt Pavement Repair and Resurfacing Preparation July 2022 Cheng, Hicks & Smith 2103
Blockchain and Distributed Autonomous Community Ecosystems: Opportunities to Democratize Finance and Delivery of Transport, Housing, Urban Greening and Community Infrastructure July 2022 Riggs, Vyas & Sethi 2165




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