Researching Relationships Between Truck Travel Time Performance Measures and On-network and Off-network Characteristics

More than 80% of freight is currently transported by truck. The population growth (hence, demand for travel) and emerging global adoption of just-in-time approaches to ship and deliver goods made interstates and other major roads congested with increasing truck traffic. Based on current trends, it is expected that transportation of freight by truck will increase from 13.2 billion tons in 2012 to 18.8 billion tons in 2040.

The objectives of the proposed research are:

  1. To compute and evaluate truck travel time performance measures (percentiles and reliability indices) by day-of-the-week and time-of-the-day,
  2. To examine the relationship between truck travel time performance measures and speed limit (indicator of road functional class) and traffic density condition, and,
  3. To examine the relationship between truck travel time performance measures and area type, socio-economic, demographic, and land use characteristics.


Mineta Consortium for Transportation Mobility
UNC Charlotte

Principal Investigator: 

Srinivas S. Pulugurtha, PhD

PI Contact Information: 

Director of IDEAS Center
Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering
The University of North Carolina at Charlotte
9201 University City Boulevard
Charlotte, NC 28223-0001
Tel. (W): +1 704 687 1233

Funding Source(s) and Amounts Provided (by each agency or organization): 

U.S. Department of Transportation, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Research and Technology – $74,995

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July 2019 to December 2020

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