Investing in California’s Transportation Future: Public Opinion on Critical Needs

The proposed research project will be to design and administer an annual, online survey that asks a random sample of 3,500 Californian adults about their opinions on transportation in the state. The survey will be designed to function as both a stand-alone, one-time research effort, and as the first survey in a possible series of annual surveys that could be used to develop trend data for the state. The final report will present results for the state as a whole, as well as identifying significant differences between population groups defined by socio-demographics, travel behavior characteristics, and geographic region.

Mineta Consortium for Transportation Mobility
San José State University
Principal Investigator: 
Asha W. Agrawal & Hilary Nixon
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Mineta Transportation Institute
San José State University
210 N. 4th St., 4th Floor
San José, CA 95112

Asha W. Agrawal

Hilary Nixon

Funding Source(s) and Amounts Provided (by each agency or organization): 

Caltrans Projects: California Department of Transportation - $99,919

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December 2021 to September 2022
Impacts/Benefits of Implementation: 

The survey results will inform transportation professionals, legislators, and interested members of the public about how state transportation policies and programs can be tailored to meet public priorities. Although the survey will be designed to support state programs, the findings will inform policy-making within California at all levels of government.

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