Silicon Valley Transportation Archival Resources

This research supports the creation of a new online resource portal with information about various aspects of local transit history. The initial set of projects to be featured on the portal include:

  • a historical and informational database about the Dumbarton Rail Bridge (including photos and meeting notes not published elsewhere)
  • an interactive story map featuring archival data on the homes purchased and displaced during the construction of the I-280/CA-87 interchange southwest of downtown San Jose
  • an interactive story map featuring data on mobile home parks in Silicon Valley.

The underlying archival research, data collection, and analysis for each of the projects are funded separately and in the process of being completed; this project supports the creation of online homes for the data and findings as public-facing information resources. This research is a partnership between the Mineta Transportation Institute and San José State University's Institute for Metropolitan Studies.

San José State University
Principal Investigator: 
Gordon Douglas, Ph.D
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San Jose State University

June 2023 to September 2023
Impacts/Benefits of Implementation: 

Public scholarship and the creation and dissemination of 'public knowledge' are increasingly recognized as important elements of academic research. With the confluence at SJSU's Institute for Metropolitan Studies of several unique archival- and data-based studies on Silicon Valley area transportation issues, this project takes the opportunity to make this information more visible and publicly accessible. The benefits include providing access to important historical and contemporary information about our region's transportation and housing systems and generally increasing public understanding of the political and social contexts of urban development in the Bay Area.

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