Managing Cyber Risks & Business Exposure in the Surface Transportation Ecosystem

This research focuses on Surface Transportation (ST), both fixed and route-based, and the growing threats to their information technology (IT) infrastructures. As an industry, ST seeks to optimize the movement of people and goods, while ensuring safety and resiliency and minimizing environmental impact. Cyber threats are a powerful medium for those with the political, social, and economic motivations and wherewithal to disrupt and destroy existing ST systems. The ultimate objective is to develop a new paradigm to define, describe, design, and deploy the most effective protection, at the lowest cost, in the shortest time within the limits of available resources. This paper seeks to initiate a critical peer discussion to explore innovation in the cyber protection of ST systems.

Principal Investigator: 
Jacques Francoeur
PI Contact Information:
San José State University

October 2017 to September 2018
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