Evaluating San José's 4th Street Pop-up Bikeway: What Does the Public Think?

Promoting cycling as an alternative means of daily travel has garnered significant attention at the local, state, national, and international levels for the past two decades. The benefits of increased cycling include improved public health, reduced vehicle emissions, reduced traffic congestion, as well as potential economic benefits. However, the percentage of commuters biking to work remains low in the U.S. This white paper explores people’s opinions regarding a temporary protected bikeway installation in the City of San José, California. Overall, findings indicate that the majority of respondents had an overall positive impression of the bikeway. Issues related to safety and the perception of safety motivated the positive comments about what survey respondents liked about the bikeway while issues related to confusion with the new temporary installation were the most common dislikes reported by respondents.

Mineta Consortium for Transportation Mobility
San José State University
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Hilary Nixon, PhD
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San José State University

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