Fresno County Afterschool Transportation Education

This project aims to provide underserved minority students in afterschool programs in Fresno, California, with opportunities to explore transportation careers and engage in community transformation through high quality educational experiences. The project will build on the resources developed for the Central Valley Transportation Challenge and leverage the online transportation hub. The project will collaborate with afterschool program providers and connect them with CSU students, transportation and engineering professionals from university and industry sectors to projects around transportation issues in the afterschool programs.

Principal Investigator: 
Christian Wandeler
PI Contact Information:

California State Unversity, Fresno

April 2023 to March 2024
Implementation of Research Outcomes: 

The objectives to meet this goal are as follows: 

  • Transfer 100 lessons collected by the Fresno State Transportation Institute to an online platform, the online lesson plan hub, and make them accessible to afterschool programs.
  • Pilot the online lesson plan hub in afterschool programs.
  • Develop 5 transportation lessons that can be self-managed by students.
  • Pilot the 5 self-managed lessons in afterschool programs.
  • Conduct research on the implementation and expansion of the lesson plan hub and application of transportation education in afterschool programs.
Impacts/Benefits of Implementation: 

Afterschool programs are often looking for high-quality learning experiences and want their staff to provide academic support to students. Leveraging afterschool program resources and staff to engage students with transportation-related lessons could be an ideal solution to bring high-quality transportation lessons to Fresno County Schools and ensure that transportation education is accessible anywhere and to anyone.

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