Forecasting Commercial Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) in Urban California Areas

The primary goal of this project is:

  •  to examine the relationship between commercial vehicle miles traveled (VMT) and economic/demographic variables, and
  • to determine which variables are most important and/or influential in forecasting and predicting the commercial VMT in urban California areas by developing statistical methods and models.  

In addition, our work will examine how the growth of e-commerce activity and air pollution can affect the commercial VMT.   To this end, we will utilize regression analysis, time series models, and trend/growth factor methods.

Principal Investigator: 
Steve Chung
PI Contact Information:

California State University, Fresno

June 2023 to May 2024
Impacts/Benefits of Implementation: 

The results from this research can have impacts and/or benefits on: 
•    Statewide implementation on freight planning based on commercial VMT. 
•    Maintenance plans on roadways. 
•    Safety analyses. 
•    Enforcement resources. 
•    Infrastructure investment planning. 
•    Policy decision making. 
•    Travel demand forecasting.  
•    Conformity analysis.

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