Electrification of Medium and Heavy-Duty Vehicles In the Inland Empire

This research addresses the challenges of transitioning to medium-duty and heavy-duty electric vehicles (MD/HD E.V.s) in California's Inland Empire (I.E.) region, where more than 22,000 transportation and warehousing facilities support the twin ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. It aims to investigate traffic patterns, logistics centers, and rest areas of MD/HD vehicles, examining the potential “opportunity charging” and land-use mapping that will support electrification in the future. Additionally, this research aims to explore the federal, state, and regional policies related to MD/HD ZEVs and assesses the potential policy-related needs that will facilitate the transition to a ZEV system from an equity and sustainability standpoint. To accomplish these objectives, big data and relevant work from government agencies, universities, and consulting firms will be utilized. The second part of the project will involve conducting a meta-analysis of previous studies on MD/HD E.V.s policy implications and equity, followed by ground truthing and interviews. The study findings can benefit logistics companies, local and state policymakers, and transportation planners in developing sustainable solutions for the I.E. region's transportation system. In addition, it will provide significant insight into the possibility of increasing the number of electric vehicles in the MD/HD category, ultimately enabling zero-emission mobility by 2045 as mandated by California's plan.

Principal Investigator: 
Kimberly Collins, Ph.D.
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CSU San Bernardino

March 2023
Impacts/Benefits of Implementation: 

This research project has significant potential to benefit the I.E. in several ways. By analyzing the traffic patterns of MD/HD vehicles in the I.E., this research can provide valuable insights into the current use and demand for these vehicles in the region. This information can help transportation authorities better understand how to optimize existing infrastructure and develop new infrastructure to support the use of MD/HD electric vehicles.
Furthermore, by exploring policy and equity considerations related to the electrification of MD/HD vehicles, this research can help identify potential barriers and opportunities for increasing the adoption of MD/HD electric vehicles. 
The results of this research can broaden the community in California by promoting the use of MD/HD electric vehicles; this research can also help reduce air pollution and improve air quality, which can have significant health benefits for residents of the I.E. and beyond. With the state's ambitious goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting the use of electric vehicles, there is a clear need for research to help identify opportunities and barriers to the electrification of MD/HD vehicles in California. The I.E. being a key hub for transportation and logistics, understanding the traffic patterns and demand for MD/HD vehicles in this region can provide valuable insights that can be later applied across the state.

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