MNTRC is actively engaged in dozens of research projects. Check back often for the latest releases.

Title Date Author MTI Project
The Metro Detroit Transit Workshop: Unpack the Challenge April 2018 MNTRC 1380
Advances in Repurposing and Recycling of Post-Vehicle-Application Lithium-Ion Batteries April 2018 Standridge, Corneal & Baine 1238
Feasibility Study of a Campus-Based Bikesharing Program at UNLV July 2017 Teng, Kutela, Mulokozi, Hu, Jiao, & Li 1248
Community Transit Service at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas June 2017 Shrestha, Gerrity & Shrestha 1251
Modeling and Analysis of Walkability in Suburban Neighborhoods in Las Vegas May 2017 Kaseko & Nyagah 1249
Assessing the Efficiency of Mass Transit Systems in the United States April 2017 Min 1235
Intermodal Bus and Bicycling Transportation in Southern Nevada March 2017 Paz & Coughenour 1250
Performance Measures to Assess Resiliency and Efficiency of Transit Systems March 2017 Nassif, Ozbay, Deka, Lou, Na, Mudigonda, Zhu, Morgul, Bartin, & El-Awar 1242
Safety of Lithium Nickel Cobalt Aluminum Oxide Battery Packs in Transit Bus Applications October 2016 Cleary, Bosch, Kreibick & Anstrom 1247
The Impact of Transit-Oriented Development on Social Capital October 2016 Noland, Puniello & DiPetrillo 1252