MNTRC is actively engaged in dozens of research projects. Check back often for the latest releases.

Title Date Author MTI Project
The Metro Detroit Transit Workshop: Unpack the Challenge April 2018 MNTRC 1380
Advances in Repurposing and Recycling of Post-Vehicle-Application Lithium-Ion Batteries April 2018 Standridge, Corneal & Baine 1238
Feasibility Study of a Campus-Based Bikesharing Program at UNLV July 2017 Teng, Kutela, Mulokozi, Hu, Jiao, & Li 1248
Community Transit Service at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas June 2017 Shrestha, Gerrity & Shrestha 1251
Modeling and Analysis of Walkability in Suburban Neighborhoods in Las Vegas May 2017 Kaseko & Nyagah 1249
Assessing the Efficiency of Mass Transit Systems in the United States April 2017 Min 1235
Performance Measures to Assess Resiliency and Efficiency of Transit Systems March 2017 Nassif, Ozbay, Deka, Lou, Na, Mudigonda, Zhu, Morgul, Bartin, & El-Awar 1242
Intermodal Bus and Bicycling Transportation in Southern Nevada March 2017 Paz & Coughenour 1250
Safety of Lithium Nickel Cobalt Aluminum Oxide Battery Packs in Transit Bus Applications October 2016 Cleary, Bosch, Kreibick & Anstrom 1247
The Impact of Transit-Oriented Development on Social Capital October 2016 Noland, Puniello & DiPetrillo 1252