Transportation Security Research

The following topics are divided into three categories. Security Research Reports are original research completed by MTI research associates. Summit and Forum Reports are proceedings of meetings where particular transportation security issues were addressed. Perspectives are articles about transportation-related terrorism and sophisticated crimes. You may download reports at no cost.

Transportation Security Research Reports

Title Date
Author Project
The Challenge of Protecting Transit and Passenger Rail: Understanding How Security Works Against Terrorism February 2017 Jenkins 1130
Emergency Management Training for Transportation Agencies August 2016 Edwards, Goodrich & Griffith 1280
Trains, Concert Halls, Airports, and Restaurants—All Soft Targets: What the Terrorist Campaign in France and Belgium Tells Us about the Future of Jihadist Terrorism in Europe June 2016 Jenkins & Clair 1532
Exercise Handbook: What Transportation Security and Emergency Preparedness Leaders Need to Know to Improve Emergency Preparedness February 2014 Edwards & Goodrich 1103
Formulating a Strategy for Securing High-Speed Rail in the United States March 2013 Jenkins, Kozub, Butterworth, Haider & Clair 1026
A Framework for Developing and Integrating Effective Routing Strategies Within the Emergency Management Decision-Support System May 2012 Pande, Edwards & Yu 2901
Carnage Interrupted: An Analysis of Fifteen Terrorist Plots against Public Surface Transportation January 2012 Jenkins & Trella 2979
Security Awareness for Public Bus Transportation: Case Studies of Attacks Against the Israeli Public Bus System March 2012 Butterworth, Dolev & Jenkins 2978
Continuity of Operations/Continuity of Government for State-Level Transportation Organizations September 2011 Edwards & Goodrich 2976

Generic Continuity of Operations/Continuity of Government Plan for State-Level Transportation Agencies

August 2011 Edwards, Goodrich & Medigovich 1080
Exploring the Effectiveness of Transit Security Awareness Campaigns in the San Francisco Bay Area June 2010 Rohlich, Haas & Edwards 2914
Emergency Management Training and Exercises for Transportation Agency Operations June 2010 Edwards & Goodrich 2910
Terrorist Attacks On Public Bus Transportation: A Preliminary Empirical Analysis March 2010 Jenkins, Butterworth & Shrum 2982
Explosives and Incendiaries Used in Terrorist Attacks on Public Surface Transportation: A Preliminary Empirical Analysis March 2010 Jenkins & Butterworth 2875
The 1995 Attempted Derailing of the French TGV (High-Speed Train) and a Quantitative Analysis of 181 Rail Sabotage Attempts March 2010 Jenkins, Butterworth & Clair 2501-2
Handbook of Emergency Management For State-Level Transportation Agencies February 2010 Edwards & Goodrich 2850
Supplement to MTI Study on Selective Passenger Screening in the Mass Transit Rail Environment January 2010 Jenkins, Butterworth & Gerston 2876
Implementation and Development of Vehicle Tracking and Immobilization Technologies January 2010 Jenkins, Butterworth & Edwards 2983
Potential Terrorist Uses of Highway-Borne Hazardous Materials January 2010 Jenkins & Butterworth 2981
The Role of Transportation in Campus Emergency Planning June 2009 Edwards & Goodrich 2727
Selective Screening of Rail Passengers February 2007 Jenkins & Butterworth 2501
Designing and Operating Safe and Secure Transit Systems: Assessing Current Practices in the United States and Abroad November 2005 Taylor, Sideris, Liggett, Fink, Wachs, Cavanagh, Cherry & Haas 2301
Saving City Lifelines: Lessons Learned in the 9-11 Terrorist Attacks September 2003 Jenkins & Winslow 2114
Protecting Public Surface Transportation Against Terrorism and Serious Crime: Continuing Research on Best Security Practices October 2001 Jenkins & Gersten 9805
Terrorism Overview October 2001 Jenkins
Protecting Surface Transportation Systems and Patrons from Terrorist Activities December 1997 Jenkins

Transportation Security Perspectives

Title Date
Author Project
Terrorist Vehicle Attacks on Public Surface Transportation Targets September 2017 Jenkins & Butterworth --
The Threat to Air and Ground Transportation Posed by Mentally Disordered Assailants (PDF) March 2017 Jenkins & Butterworth --
Preliminary Thoughts on the Role of Insiders in Attacks on Transportation Targets (PDF) June 2016 Jenkins & Butterworth --
Transit is a Terrorist Target (PDF) May 2016 Jenkins & Butterworth --
Long-Term Trends in Attacks on Public Surface Transportation in Europe and North America (PDF)January 2016Jenkins & Butterworth--
The High-Speed Rail Attack in France: What are the security challenges for protecting rail systems? (PDF)August 2015Jenkins & Butterworth--
Troubling Trends in Terrorism and Attacks on Surface Transportation: The Outlook Is Grim, but People Still Have a Great Deal of Control (PDF)March 2015Jenkins & Butterworth--
Suicide Bombings Against Trains and Buses Are Lethal but Few (PDF) November 2014 Jenkins & Butterworth --
The Breach of Security at San Jose’s Airport Raises Broader Issues (PDF) May 2014 Jenkins --
A Terrorism Analysis of the April 14, 2014, Bus Terminal Bombing in Abuja, Nigeria (PDF) April 2014 Jenkins & Butterworth --
The Terrorist Attack in Kunming, China: Does It Indicate a Growing Threat Worldwide? (PDF) March 2014 Jenkins & Butterworth --
Mineta Transportation Institute Says Subways Are Still in Terrorists’ Sights (PDF) March 2014 Jenkins & Butterworth --
By the Numbers: Russia’s Terrorists Increasingly Target Transportation (PDF) January 2014 Jenkins & Butterworth --

Transportation Security Summit and Forum Reports

Title Date
Author Project
Bus Operator Awareness Research and Development Training Program July 2012 Kozub & Jenkins 2875-II
Rail Security: Critical Insights and Applications January 2012 MTI 1261
Rail Passenger Selective Screening Summit October 2009 MTI 2891
The Fourth National Security Summit: Approaches to Passenger Screening March 2007 MTI 2654
Third National Transportation Security Summit: Rail Security – A Symposium onTerrorism and Business Continuity September 2005 MTI 2353
California Transportation Security Summits April 2003 MTI 2118
National Transportation Security Summit October 2001 MTI 2110
Terrorism in Surface Transportation - A March 1996 MTI