Transportation Finance Information Clearinghouse

This Clearinghouse collects information that will help transportation researchers, policymakers, and the public to find information on specific transportation finance topics, as well as current news in the field.

These websites make most or all of their information available to the public at no charge. We regularly update this website with new information. If you would like to suggest material to add, please email your recommendations to Asha W. Agrawal at asha.weinstein.agrawal(at)

Newsletters and Listservs

The following newsletters or listservs all regularly report on transportation finance issues, though not all limit themselves to those topics.

AASHTO Daily Transportation Update and AASHTO Journal
Provides links to major news stories, Monday to Friday, while the weekly AASHTO Journal summarizes news from the preceding week.

IBTTA News Roundup
This biweekly newsletter from the International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association reports and summarizes news about tolled transportation facilities.

Innovation Briefs
Each issues of this newsletter contains public policy consultant C. Kenneth Orski’s analysis of a single issue. The newsletter is issued approximately once a week.

Surface Transportation Innovations
In this monthly newsletter from the Reason Foundation, the Foundation’s Director of Transportation Studies, Robert Poole, presents his analysis of recent transportation research and comments on major transportation issues of the moment.

The Tom Warne Report
Each issue of this weekly newsletter contains short summaries of 10 or 15 articles about transportation finance that have been published elsewhere. The editor, Tom Warne, sometimes adds a few sentences of his own commentary on the stories.


International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association (IBTTA)
Collects and disseminates information about tolled transportation facilities around the world. This extensive site includes news updates, links to publications, and a “warehouse” of data that IBTTA collects from toll operators. Some information on the site is only available to members.

Toll Roads News
Provides news updates about all facets of toll roads operation and management, as well as government policy related to tolling and road pricing. The news items sometimes include commentary from the website editor. New reports are posted at irregular intervals, and one can sign up to receive them as email alerts.

National Journal Expert Blogs: Transportation
Blog by the National Journal posts a question once a week, and transportation industry leaders respond in a few paragraphs.

Public Private Partnerships (PPPs)
Hosted by the Federal Highway Administration provides links to resources such as case studies on PPPs and state legislation authorizing PPPs.

Tolling and Pricing Program of the U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration
Provides extensive information about tolling and pricing projects funded by the Federal Highway Administration.

Transportation Research Board (TRB) Congestion Pricing Committee
Reports on the activities in the field of congestion pricing, especially but not exclusively those organized through the TRB.

Urban Transport Pricing in Europe
Provides links to various transportation pricing projects and programs in Europe.

Value Pricing
Hosted by the State and Local Policy Program at the University of Minnesota. Provides links to information about congestion pricing projects in the U.S. and internationally.


Many libraries have specialized transportation collections. Partial listing: Directory of Transportation Libraries and Information Centers.

Researchers may wish to consult the electronic catalogues at these libraries, and many transportation libraries also provide websites with information about searching for information on transportation topics. Also, the reference librarians at these institutions are a valuable resource for researchers, since the librarians specialize in transportation research.

Larger transportation libraries

National Transportation Library
The library will assist members of the public trying locate information on transportation topics. In addition, the library provides links to many useful research tools at

Harmer E. Davis Transportation Library at UC Berkeley

Transportation Library of Northwestern University

On-line catalogues and databases

TRIS On-Line
Database of bibliographic records on more than a half-million transportation publications. Researchers can search this database to identify items they wish to read. The TRIS entries include links to on-line electronic copies when these are available. If there is no on-line electronic copy available, users can contact their local library for help obtaining the item.

Transportation Libraries Catalogue (TLCat)
Search through the catalogues of dozens of specialized transportation libraries. These include university libraries, government transportation department libraries, and the libraries of transportation industry groups.