Research In Progress

Topic Project Number
Regional Planning and Regulatory Priorities for Integrating Drone Technology in Smart Cities 1823
Wireless Power Charging of Electric Vehicles Using Resonant Converters 1835
California Gasoline Tax Revenue Futures 1850
A Micro-Scale Analysis of Cycling Demand, Safety and Network Quality 1851
Automated Measurement of Heavy Equipment Greenhouse Gas Emission: The Case of Road/Bridge Construction and Maintenance 1852
Developing a Computer Vision-based Decision Support System for Intersection Safety Monitoring and Assessment of Vulnerable Road Users 1853
Development of a Quality Control Method and Guideline for Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) Using Recycled Concrete Aggregate (RCA) 1854
Green Up: Pavement Rehabilitation Decision Tool 1855
Harmonizing Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation in Transportation and Land-Use Planning in California Cities 1856
Moving to Walkability? Stated and Revealed Behavior on the Impacts of Land Use and Travel Demand Management on Mode Choice 1857
New Materials and Design Approach for Roads, Bridges, Pavement and Concrete 1858
Reducing NOx Emissions of A Cargo Handling Equipment (CHE) with Humid Air System 1859
The “GO-Virtual Initiative” - Using Flexible Workplace Practices to Reduce Traffic Congestion, Increase Economic Development, and Provide More Access to Affordable Housing Choices in the South Bay Region of Los Angeles County 1860
Investing in California’s Transportation Future: Public Opinion on Critical Needs 1861
Attracting and Retaining Women in the Transportation Industry 1893