Regional Transportation Hot Spot Forum Marin/Sonoma 101 Corridor

Regional Transportation Hot Spot Forum Marin/Sonoma 101 Corridor


As part of the Mineta Transportation Institute’s ongoing efforts to promote dialogue addressing surface transportation issues, it is my pleasure to share this edited transcript of Regional Transportation Hot Spot Forum: Marin/Sonoma 101 Corridor. The corridor certainly qualifies as a hot spot, both in terms of the worsening congestion and as a description of the public disagreement on solutions. After a series of failed transportation tax measure elections in Marin and Sonoma Counties, transportation policy leaders had started the long process that might lead to another transportation tax measure in the near future, beginning with a period of deliberations by advisory and government organizations. The importance of reaching local consensus before seeking funding in the upcoming federal authorization process had provided impetus to overcome the past disagreements and move forward with acceptable solutions. The time had arrived for a more public dialogue. The purpose of this forum was to begin that broader dialogue in a more public setting, accessible to all. The Mineta Transportation Institute acted as a neutral convener, which we were delighted to do.

The entire Hwy. 101 corridor in Marin County and 10 miles in Sonoma County were at F service level as early as 1995. Tourists and recreational destinations make this a seven-day-a-week traffic hot spot. Three failed elections in the past revealed an electorate divided and unable to reach consensus on solutions. Recent work by public and private leaders in both counties was leading toward an election in November 2004. On April 11, 2002, the Mineta Transportation Institute cosponsored a regional transportation forum with The Commonwealth Club of California in Marin County, California. Several representatives from key Marin County and Sonoma County transportation-related agencies and community organizations joined to discuss the corridor and the many possible actions that could provide alternatives and relieve congestion. The forum concluded with a set of recommendations for next steps. This publication is an edited version of the April 11 Forum.


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April 2003