The Next Fifty Years: Addressing California´s Mobility in a Time of Financial Challenges

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In a short 40 years from today, the population of California is projected to swell to 60 million people, nearly double of that in 2000. We already know how overwhelmed our transportation system is in 2010-so what will we do in the meantime not only to increase accessibility to roads and public transportation, but also to maintain the infrastructure already in place?

Who should pay-states, the federal government, or users? Who will decide what is needed and where it will go? Why are we already having so much difficulty locating transportation funding?

The Mineta Transportation Institute, along with the Commonwealth Club and other sponsors and co-sponsors, hosted the first of a two-part series on transportation financing on October 29, 2009. This e-book is an edited version of the program.


February 2010


Fuel taxes
Transportation policy
Types of taxes