Handbook of Emergency Management For State-Level Transportation Agencies


The Department of Homeland Security has mandated specific systems and techniques for the management of emergencies in the United States, including the Incident Command System, the National Incident Management System, Emergency Operations Plans, Emergency Operations Centers, Continuity of Government Plans and Continuity of Operations Plans. These plans and systems may be applied to the state-level transportation agency's disaster response systems to enhance efficiency and effectiveness. Specific guidance and management techniques are provided to aid emergency planning staff to create DHS-compliant systems.




Frances L. Edwards is the Director of the Master of Public Administration program and Professor of Political Science at San Jose State University (SJSU). She is also a Research Associate at MTI, and teaches emergency management in the Master of Transportation Management program.

Previously, she was Director of the Office of Emergency Services in San Jose, California for 14 years, including one year as acting assistant chief, San Jose Fire Department. She was Director of San Jose´s Metropolitan Medical Task Force (MMTF), a CBRNE terrorism response unit, and head of the four–county "San Jose Urban Area Security Initiative".

Dr. Edwards has a Ph.D. in public administration, a Master of Urban Planning, MA in Political Science (International Relations) and a Certificate in Hazardous Materials Management.


Daniel C. Goodrich is an emergency preparedness coordinator for Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company. He is an instructor and Research Associate at MTI, where he also teaches Security for Transportation Managers. He has been an active member of the San Jose Metropolitan Medical Task Force, a CBRNE response unit, since 1999, where he has served as exercise director for eight facilitated exercises, a model of ex–ercise that he developed.

Mr. Goodrich serves as a consultant to the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), and has provided training services for NASA/Ames Research Center staff in emergency management. He has a Master of Public Administration degree from SJSU, and is a Certified Emergency Manager.


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