Fast Tracks in the Golden State: Symposia on California High-Speed Rail Proceedings Summary


Two educational symposia on the future of high-speed rail in California were co-sponsored by the Mineta Transportation Institute, The Commonwealth Club of California, Town Hall-Los Angeles, and the California State Automobile Association. The events were held on July 17, 2003, in San Francisco and on July 18, 2003, in Los Angeles, California, USA. The primary goal of the symposia was to introduce the general public to the California High-Speed Rail Project. A presentation on the project alternatives, costs, and revenues was followed by a panel discussion on the issues and questions from the audience. The Secretary of the California Business, Transportation and Housing Agency delivered the concluding keynote speech, which also was followed by questions from the audience.

This publication is an abridged summary of those events.



December 2003


High speed rail
Intermodal transportation
Public opinion
Rail transportation
Regional planning
Sustainable development
Transit-oriented development