MTI S-08-02

research reportSeventh Annual National Garrett Morgan Sustainable Transportation Symposium


The Mineta Transportation Institute brought together experts in surface transportation and students from middle and high schools to discuss sustainable transportation topics on March 23, 2007. The goal was to introduce the students to transportation-related careers and to inspire them to pursue the academic curricula that would lead to success in those careers. Students from California, Maryland and Virginia participated in a videoconference, during which they heard a keynote statement from US Secretary of Transportation Mary Peters. The students also presented project proposals for innovative transportation alternatives during the videoconference. The presentations were followed by a moderator-led question period featuring discussions of the students’ perceptions of critical transportation issues and their interest in transportation careers. This publication is an edited summary of the March 23, 2007 event.


Published: September 2008
Keywords: Polymer electrolyte membrane fuel, magnetic levitation bus, bio-fuel, Garrett Morgan, alternative fuel, sustainable transportation