Managing Cyber Risks & Business Exposure in the Surface Transportation Ecosystem

How do we protect the unprotectable? What level of protection is reasonable? These are just a few of the perplexing questions technical and fiduciary leaders are asking themselves when it comes to addressing the growing threats to the cyber security of our surface transportation infrastructure.

This white paper focuses on Surface Transportation (ST), both fixed and route-based, and the growing threats to their information technology (IT) infrastructures. As an industry, ST seeks to optimize the movement of people and goods, while ensuring safety and resiliency, and minimizing negative consequences such as pollution. Cyber is simply a new “threat channel” or “vector” that can serve as an instrument for those with the political, social, and economic motivations and wherewithal to disrupt and destroy.

This white paper presents the author’s thoughts and models based on his experience and observations as an expert in privacy, security, and trust in Silicon Valley for almost twenty years.

Principal Investigator: 

Jacques Francoeur

PI Contact Information:
San José State University


October 2017 to September 2018

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