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Title Date Author MTI Project
Evaluating Alternative Measures of Bicycling Level of Traffic Stress Using Crowdsourced Route Satisfaction Data September 2019 Harvey, Fang, & Rodriquez 1711
Community Benefits and Lessons for Local Engagement in a California Open Streets Event: A Mixed-Methods Assessment of Viva CalleSJ 2018 August 2019 Douglas, Agrawal, Currin-Percival, Cushing, & DeHaan 1895
Full Potential of Future Robotaxis Achievable with Trip-Based Subsidies and Fees Applied to the For-Hire Vehicles of Today August 2019 Niles 1903
Evaluating the Effectiveness of a School-Based Intervention on Driving-Related Carbon Emissions Using Real-Time Transportation Data July 2019 Cordero & Centeno 1715
Analysis of Disengagements in Semi-Autonomous Vehicles: Drivers’ Takeover Performance and Operational Implications June 2019 Favaro et al. 1710
Modeling the Influence of Land Use Developments on Transportation System Performance June 2019 Mane & Pulugurtha 1702
Modeling the Effect of a Road Construction Project on Transportation System Performance June 2019 Kukkapalli & Pulugurtha 1702
What Do Americans Think About Federal Tax Options to Support Transportation? Results from Year Ten of a National Survey June 2019 Agrawal & Nixon 1927
Older Adults’ Perceptions Regarding Transportation Services in San Jose, CA: Access, Barriers, and Innovations May 2019 Bolding 1738
Value Capture to Fund Public Transportation: The Impact of Warm Springs BART Station on the Value of Neighboring Residential Properties in Fremont, CA May 2019 Mathur 1714