Board of Trustees

  • Founder, Honorable Norman Mineta (Ex-Officio)
    Secretary (ret.), US Department of Transportation
  • Honorary Chair, Congress Member Bill Shuster (Ex-Officio)
    House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee
    United States House of Representatives
  • Honorary Co-Chair, Congress Member Peter DeFazio (Ex-Officio)
    Vice Chair
    House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee
    United States House of Representatives
  • Chair, Nuria Fernandez (TE 2017)
    General Manager and CEO
    Valley Transportation Authority
  • Vice Chair, Grace Crunican (TE 2019)
    General Manager
    Bay Area Rapid Transit District
  • Executive Director, Karen Philbrick, Ph.D. (Ex-Officio)
    Mineta Transportation Institute
    San José State University
  • Anne Canby (TE 2017)
    OneRail Coalition
  • Donna DeMartino (TE 2018)
    General Manager and CEO
    San Joaquin Regional Transit District
  • William Dorey (TE 2017)
    Board of Directors
    Granite Construction, Inc.
  • Malcolm Dougherty (Ex-Officio)
    California Department of Transportation
  • Mortimer Downey* (TE 2018)
    Mort Downey Consulting, LLC
  • Rose Guilbault (TE 2017)
    Board Member
    Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board
  • Ed Hamberger (Ex-Officio)
    Association of American Railroads
  • Steve Heminger* (TE 2018)
    Executive Director
    Metropolitan Transportation Commission
  • Diane Woodend Jones (TE 2019)
    Principal and Chair of Board
    Lea+Elliott, Inc.
  • Will Kempton (TE 2019)
    Executive Director
    Transportation California
  • Art Leahy (TE 2018)
  • Jean-Pierre Loubinoux (Ex-Officio)
    Director General
    International Union of Railways (UIC)
  • Abbas Mohaddes (TE 2018)
    President and COO
    Econolite Group Inc.
  • Charles W. Moorman IV (Ex-Officio)
  • Jeff Morales (TE 2019)
    California High-Speed Rail Authority
  • Dan Moshavi, Ph.D. (Ex-Officio)
    Lucas College & Graduate School of Business
    San José State University
  • Beverley Swaim-Staley (TE 2019)
    Union Station Redevelopment Corporation
  • Michael Townes* (TE 2017)
    Michael S. Townes, LLC
  • Richard A. White (Ex-Officio)
    Interim President and CEO
    American Public Transportation Association (APTA)
  • Bud Wright (Ex-Officio)
    Executive Director
    American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO)
  • Edward Wytkind (Ex-Officio)
    Transportation Trades Dept., AFL-CIO

( ) = Term Expiration or Ex-Officio
* Past Chair, Board of Trustees

Emeritus Trustees

  • Emeritus Trustee Number 1
    Louis Gambaccini
    Trustee 1992-1997
    Vice Chair 1992-1993
    Chair 1993-1995
  • Emeritus Trustee Number 2
    James Oberstar**
    Co-Chair 1995-2012
  • Emeritus Trustee Number 3
    Paul Toliver
    Trustee 1997-2013
    Chair 2000-2002
  • Emeritus Trustee Number 4
    William Millar
    Trustee 1997-2013
    Chair 2008-2010
  • Emeritus Trustee Number 5
    David Turney
    Trustee 1992-2012
    Chair 2006-2008
  • Emeritus Trustee Number 6
    Stephanie Pinson
    Trustee 2004-2015
    Chair 2014-2015
  • ** Deceased