2MTI Report S-01-02
National Transportation Security Summit Washington , D.C.


This publication is transcript of an event that was held on October 30, 2001. The Mineta Transportation Institute brought together several agency representatives from transportation and labor-related agencies from across the United States to discuss security concerns related to the surface transportation industry. The keynote speaker for the event was Secretary Norman Y. Mineta, and serving as moderators were Rod Diridon, Executive Director of MTI, and Ellen Engelman from the U.S Department of Transportation’s
Research and Special Programs Administration. Welcomers included Jeff Morales, Director of Caltrans; Pete Cipolla, General Manager, Valley Transportation Authority; and John Horsley, Executive Director, AASHTO. Panelists were Brian Jenkins, MTI Counter Terrorism Research Team Leader, Dr. Larry Gerston and Dr. Frances Edwards-Winslow. Afternoon panelists were Mortimer Downey, Consultant, PV Consult; Sherrie Anderson, Program Manager, Land Transportation Security U.S DOT; Robert Prince, Jr., General Manager, Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority; Steve Vaughn, Assistant Chief, California Highway Patrol; and Dr. Christine Johnson, Program Manager, Operations Core Business Unit, FHWA.




MTI Report S-01-02
National Transportation Security Summit Washington, D.C.
Published: October 2001
Keywords: Emergency training, Law enforcement, Safety and security, Safety measures, Symposia, Terrorism
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