Registration & Payment

The fall and spring terms are divided into two ten-week sessions, “A” and “B”. Students typically take one class per ten-week session for a total of four courses per year.

MSTM (matriculated) students

Students who have formally applied and received acceptance to the MSTM program must register through MySJSU. Use your current login information and follow the standard process for adding a class.

Graduate Certificate and “undecided” students

If you are seeking a Graduate Certificate rather than an MSTM, or you prefer to begin learning and decide your goal later, register through Open University/Special Session using the Registration Add or Drop Form. Up to 9 Open Univeristy/Special Sessionunits can later be applied toward an MSTM if you decide to pursue one.

Have the following information handy:

  • The session, class, course code, and section you are applying for
  • Degree sought
  • Year and term for which you are applying
  • SJSU ID Number. Leave this blank if you are new to the program; you will not yet have an ID number until you register for a class or have been accepted into the program. Upon acceptance of your application, you will receive an emailed confirmation containing your ID number and instructions for obtaining your password.
  • Enter basic information, such as name, address, phone number, and email.
  • Check the “Add” box.
  • Enter your five-digit course code. The course code will be available on the class assignment list distributed by the Education Program Assistant.
  • Contact the Educational Program Assistant if a permission code is needed.
  • The subject is “MTM.”
  • No Catalog Number is required.
  • Section number is generally 01. Check with the Program Manager if you have questions.
  • Units: 3.
  • Fee is $1134.
  • Sign and date the form.
  • First-time registrants: Fax registration to both the Registrar’s office (408-924-2700), and to the Education Program Assistant (408-924-7565). Continuing students: Fax the form only to the Registrar's office (408-924-2700).

Payment options, including direct links for online payment, are listed on the form.