2016 Garrett Morgan Sustainable Transportation Competition

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The Garrett Morgan Sustainable Transportation Competition was instituted by former Secretary of Transportation Rodney Slater, who wished to encourage young people to consider careers in transportation. The Mineta Transportation Institute (MTI) has sponsored a competition every year since 2001.

If you are a middle-school teacher, you and your students can compete to win up to $1000 for your classroom, plus a trip to San Jose, California, to be honored at the MTI Awards Banquet. Each year members of the MTI Board of Trustees sponsor teams of students for a sustainable transportation study unit and competition. Faculty at San José State University’s College of Education developed the curriculum, and it includes a class or team project. Teams compete by videoconference, usually in March, with the US Secretary of Transportation attending.

How it works

  • The sponsoring organization contacts the school or teacher, arranges delivery of the workbooks, and provides the videoconference facility.
  • The teachers of all classes participating in the competition receive $50 for project supplies. (The school principal must complete a tax-exempt form and return it to MTI before the $50 can be released to the teacher. Otherwise, the funds would be considered taxable income for the teacher. MTI will provide that form.)
  • The students and teachers create a sustainable transportation project based on what they’ve learned.
  • The project is presented at a national videoconference competition featuring the US Transportation Secretary and other transportation leaders.
  • One presentation is chosen as the winner, and a student, parent, and teacher from that school receive an expense-paid trip to San Jose, Calif. for MTI’s annual scholarship awards banquet at the end of June.
  • Top three teams receive plaques. The first-place team also receives a $1000 check at the banquet ($500 from MTI, and $500 from private benefactors). Second-place team wins $300, and third-place team wins $200. Their checks and plaques are delivered by mail.

Contact MTI Executive Director Karen Philbrick for more information on how to participate.

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