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The following topics are divided into three categories. Research Reports are original research completed by MTI research associates. Summit and Forum Reports are proceedings of meetings where specific transportation issues were addressed. Perspectives are articles about transportation-related terrorism and sophisticated crimes. You may download reports at no cost.

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Topic Research
Bicycle and Pedestrian Issues See titles See titles  
Passenger Rail See titles See titles  
Sustainable Transportation (Garrett Morgan Education Program) See titles  
Transit Issues See titles See titles See titles
Transportation Finance See titles See titles  
Transportation/Land Use/Environment See titles See titles  
Transportation Security/Counterterrorism See titles See titles See titles
Transportation Workforce and Labor See titles See titles  
Miscellaneous Transportation Topics See titles See titles  

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Bicycle and Pedestrian Issues Research Reports

Title Date
Author MTI
A Survey of Viva CalleSJ Participants: San Jose, California 2016November 2016Agrawal & Nixon1628
Exploring Bicycle and Public Transit Use by Low-Income Latino Immigrants: A Mixed-Methods Study in the San Francisco Bay AreaMay 2016Barajas, Chatman & Agrawal1202
Bikesharing and Bicycle SafetyMarch 2016Martin, Cohen, Botha & Shaheen1204
An Overview of System Design Issues Related to Safety Aspects of Bicycle InfrastructureJanuary 2016Botha1125
A Survey of Viva CalleSJ Participants: San Jose, California 2015January 2016Agrawal & Nixon1430
Public Bikesharing in North America During a Period of Rapid Expansion: Understanding Business Models, Industry Trends & User ImpactsOctober 2014Shaheen, Martin, Chan, Cohen & Pogodzinski1131
Perceptions of Bicycle-Friendly Policy Impacts on Accessibility to Transit Services: The First and Last Mile Bridge January 2014 Flamm & Rivasplata 1104
Public Bikesharing in North America: Early Operator and User Understanding June 2012 Shaheen, Martin, Cohen & Finson 1029
Low-Stress Bicycling and Network Connectivity May 2012 Mekuria, Furth & Nixon 1005
An Examination of Women's Representation and Participation in Bicycle Advisory Committees in California April 2012 Nixon & DeLuca 1034
Promoting Bicycle Commuter Safety February 2012 Osland, Anderson, Brazil, Curry, Czerwinski, Dean, Faeth, Fergason, Johnson, Kransky, Larson, Mennesson, Noll & Omweg 2927
Integration of Bicycling and Walking Facilities into the Infrastructure of Urban Communities February 2012 Nuworsoo, Cooper, Cushing & Jud 2906
Bicycling Access and Egress to Transit: Informing the Possibilities April 2011 Krizek, Stonebraker & Tribbey 2825
Measuring Walking and Cycling Using the PABS (Pedestrian and Bicycling Survey) Approach: A Low-Cost Survey Method for Local Communities December 2010 Forsyth, Krizek & Agrawal 2907
Statewide Safety Study of Bicycles and Pedestrians on Freeways, Expressway, Toll Bridges, and Tunnels September 2001 Ferrara 9909

Bicycle and Pedestrian Issues Summit and Forum Reports

Title Date
Author MTI
A Town Hall Meeting on Our Bicycle Safety Crisis February 2009 MTI Staff 2753
Using Bicycles for the First and Last Mile of a Commute September 2009 September 2009 2863

Passenger Rail Research Reports

Title Date
Author MTI
A Comparative Analysis of High-Speed Rail Station Development into Destination and Multi-Use Facilities: The Case of San Jose Diridon February 2017 Loukaitou-Sideris & Peters 1502
International Lessons for Promoting Transit Connections to High-Speed Rail SystemsApril 2016Feinsod, Urroz, Haas & Griffith1226
Remedial Actions to Prevent Suicides on Commuter and Metro Rail SystemsMarch 2016Sherry1129
Trend Analysis of Long Tunnels WorldwideMarch 2016Pyeon1429
High-Speed Rail and Equine IssuesDecember 2015Haas & Scrivener1427
Promoting Intermodal Connectivity at California’s High-Speed Rail StationsJuly 2015 Loukaitou-Sideris, Peters & Wei1209
Passenger Flows in Underground Railway Stations and PlatformsMay 2015Loukaitou-Sideris, Taylor & Voulgaris1230
Great East Japan Earthquake, JR East Mitigation Successes, and Lessons for California High-Speed RailApril 2015Edwards, Goodrich, Hellweg, Strauss, Eskijian & Jaradat1225
Modal Shift and High-Speed Rail: A Review of the Current LiteratureJune 2014Haas1223
Advancing High-Speed Rail Policy in the United States June 2012 Ashiabor & Wei 2905
Estimating Workforce Development Needs for High-Speed Rail in California March 2012 Haas, Hernandez & Estrada 1027
Planning for Complementarity: An Examination of the Role and Opportunities of First-Tier and Second-Tier Cities Along the High-Speed Rail Network in California March 2012 Loukaitou-Sideris, Cuff, Higgins & Wei 1030
Reliability Centered Maintenance: A Case Study of Railway Transit Maintenance to Achieve Optimal Performance November 2010 Marten 2913
Suicides on Commuter Rail in California: Possible Patterns – A Case Study November 2010 Botha, Elmasu & Leitzell 2926
A Consumer Logistics Framework for Understanding Preferences for High-Speed Rail Transportation August 2007 Gehrt & Rajan 2206
High-Speed Rail Projects in the United States: Identifying the Elements of Success-Part 2 November 2006 Cerreno 2401
High-Speed Rail Projects in the United States: Identifying the Elements for Success-Part 1 October 2005 Cerreno, Evans & Permut 2304
Best Practices in Shared-Use High-Speed Rail Systems June 2003 Nash 2113

Passenger Rail Summit and Forum Reports

Title Date
Author MTI
The Vision and the Blueprint: High Speed Rail in the United States and Launching High-Speed Rail in the U.S.: High-Speed Rail Sessions from APTA’s Annual Meeting, October 6, 2009 December 2009 2961
Fast Tracks in the Golden State: on California High-Speed Rail December 2003 2253

Sustainable Transportation (Garrett Morgan Education Program)

Title Date
Author MTI
Sixteenth Annual Garrett Morgan Sustainable Transportation SymposiumApril 20161663
Fifteenth Annual Garrett Morgan Sustainable Transportation SymposiumMay 20151564
Fourteenth Annual Garrett Morgan Sustainable Transportation SymposiumNovember 20141461
Thirteenth Annual Garrett Morgan Sustainable Transportation Symposium October 2013 1361
Twelfth Annual Garrett Morgan Sustainable Transportation Symposium March 2012 1262
Eleventh Annual Garrett Morgan Sustainable Transportation Symposium September 2011 1061
Tenth Annual Garrett Morgan Sustainable Transportation Symposium May 2010 2963
Ninth Annual Garrett Morgan Sustainable Transportation Symposium May 2009 2860
Eighth National Garrett Morgan on Sustainable Transportation Symposium September 2008 2750
Seventh National Garrett Morgan Sustainable Transportation Symposium March 2007 2653
Sixth National Garrett Morgan on Sustainable Transportation Symposium March 2006 2551
Fifth National Garrett Morgan Sustainable Transportation Symposium May 2005 2353
Fourth National Garrett Morgan Sustainable Transportation Symposium June 2004 2351
Third National Garrett Morgan Sustainable Transportation Symposium May 2003 2103
National Symposium and Videoconference on Sustainable Transportation Symposium June 2001 9911

Transit Issues Research Reports

Title Date
Author MTI
Improving Livability Using Green and Active Modes: A Traffic Stress Level Analysis of Transit, Bicycle, and Pedestrian Access and Mobility May 2017 Mekuria, Appleyard, & Nixon 1205
The US Transit Bus Manufacturing Industry October 2016 Czerwinski, Hartling & Zhang 1234
Bus Transit Operational Efficiency Resulting from Passenger Boardings at Park-and-Ride FacilitiesSeptember 2016Niles & Pogodzinski1401
Improving Pathways to Transit for Persons with DisabilitiesAugust 2016DiPetrillo, Lubin, Loukaitou-Sideris, Salehian, Gibson, Williams & Green1233
Benefit-Cost Analysis for Transportation Planning and Public Policy: Towards Multimodal Demand Modeling August 2016 Holian & McLaughlin 1203
Transit Performance Measures in CaliforniaApril 2016Rodier & Isaac1208
Neighborhood Crime and Transit Station Access Mode Choice – Phase III of Neighborhood Crime and Travel BehaviorAugust 2015Ferrell, Mathur & Appleyard1107
What Do Americans Think about Public Transit? A Review of U.S. Public Opinion Polling Survey Questions July 2015 Agrawal 1132
The Benefits of Transit in the United States: A Review and Analysis of Benefit-Cost Studies July 2015 Ferrell 1425
Comparing Data Quality and Cost from Three Modes of On-Board Transit Passenger Surveys June 2015 Agrawal, Granger-Bevan, Newmark & Nixon 1206
Investigating the Determining Factors for Transit Travel Demand by Bus Mode in US Metropolitan Statistical AreasMay 2015Alam, Nixon & Zhang1101
Changes in Transit Use and Service and Associated Changes in Driving Near a New Light Rail Transit LineMay 2015Nixon, Boarnet, Houston, Spears & Lee1108
The Purpose, Function, and Performance of Streetcar Transit in the Modern U.S. City: A Multiple-Case-Study InvestigationFebruary 2015Brown, Nixon & Ramos1201
Net Effects of Gasoline Price Changes on Transit Ridership in U.S. Urban AreasDecember 2014Iseki & Ali1106
An Approach for Actions to Prevent Suicides on Commuter and Metro Rail Systems in the United States November 2014 Botha, Neighbour & Kaur 1129-2
Automated Transit Networks (ATN): A Review of the State of the Industry and Prospects for the FutureSeptember 2014Furman, Fabian, Ellis, Muller & Swenson1227
Measuring the Performance of Livability Programs July 2013 Haas & Fabish 1126
California Voting and Suburbanization Patterns: Implications for Transit Policy July 2013 Holian & Kahn 1105
Analyzing the Effects of Transit Network Change on Agency Performance and Riders in a Decentralized, Small-to-Mid-sized US Metropolitan Area: A Case Study of Tallahassee, Florida May 2013 Brown, Batuhan, Bhattacharya & Jaroszynski 1102
2012 Census of California Water Transit Services December 2012 Kos, Carvalho, Javier & Agrawal 1133
Shared-Use Bus Priority Lanes On City Streets: Case Studies in Design and Management April 2012 Agrawal, Goldman & Hannaford 2606
Neighborhood Crime and Travel Behavior: An Investigation of the Influence of Neighborhood Crime Rates on Mode Choice – Phase II January 2012 Ferrell, Mathur, Meek & Piven 2802
Understanding Transit Ridership Demand for a Multi-Destination, Multimodal Transit Network in an American Metropolitan Area January 2012 Thompson, Brown, Bhattacharya & Jaroszynski 1003
Barriers to Using Fixed-Route Public Transit for Older Adults June 2010 Peck 2402
From Buses to BRT: Case Studies of Incremental BRT Projects in North America June 2010 Niles & Jerram 2704
Effect of Suburban Transit Oriented Developments on Residential Property Values June 2009 Mathur & Ferrell 2609
The Influence of Service Planning Decisions on Rail Transit Success or Failure June 2009 Brown & Thompson 2608
Feasibility Of One-Dedicated-Lane Bus Rapid Transit/Light-Rail Systems And Their Expansion To Two-Dedicated-Lane Systems: A Focus On Geometric Configuration And Performance Planning March 2009 Tsao, Wei & Pratama 2605
Public Versus Private Mobility for the Poor: Transit Improvements Versus Increased Car Ownership in the Sacramento Region June 2009 Johnston & Gao 2403
Neighborhood Crime and Travel Behavior: An Investigation of the Influence of Neighborhood Crime Rates on Mode Choice April 2008 Ferrell, Mathur & Mendoza 2405
Video Transit Training for Older Travelers: A Case Study of the Rossmoor Senior Adult Community, California June 2007 Shaheen & Rodier 2404
Bus Rapid Transit: A Handbook for Partners August 2006 Gray, Kelley & Larwin 2426
Ridership Enhancement Quick Study
(Non grant funding)
September 2005 Haas 2425
Increasing Transit Ridership: Lessons from the Most Successful Transit Systems in the 1990s June 2002 Taylor, Haas, Boyd, Hess, Iseki & Yoh 2005
Implementation of Zurich’s Transit Priority Program October 2001 Nash & Sylvia 9809
How to Best Serve Seniors on Existing Transit Services September 2001 Koffman & Salstrom 9902
*Capital versus Operating Grants for Transit: Economic Impacts for California October 1997 Haas

Transit Perspectives

Title Date
Author MTI
Unfinished Business: The Importance of Human Resources to National Transit Asset Management Program Development and Transit Safety Performance (PDF) November 2016 Scott --

Transit Issues Summit and Forum Reports

Title Date
Author MTI
Podcar City Washington November 2013 MTI 1367
Bart to Silicon Valley, What's Next? April 2006 2454
Bus in the Fast Lane: A Forum on Bus Rapid Transit in the Bay Area May 2005 MTI Staff 2451
Bart to Silicon Valley, How Now? April 2001 MTI Staff 9913
Crossing the Bay: Water Transit Initiative Forum July 1999 9814
*Rail Transit: Issues and Opportunities For the Bay Area and California. A Series of Two Public Forums Sponsored by The Mineta Institute, The Commonwealth Club of California, and the Silicon Valley Forum: San Jose Forum, Sept 26, 1997; San Francisco Forum, October 17, 1997 July 1998

Transportation Finance Research Reports

Title Date
Author Project
What Do Americans Think About Federal Tax Options to Support Public Transit, Highways, and Local Streets and Roads? Results from Year Eight of a National Survey June 2017 Agrawal & Nixon 1728
What Do Americans Think About Federal Tax Options to Support Public Transit, Highways, and Local Streets and Roads? Results from Year Seven of a National Survey June 2016 Agrawal & Nixon 1528
Household Income and Vehicle Fuel Economy in California November 2015 Ferrell & Reinke 1426
What Do Americans Think About Federal Tax Options to Support Public Transit, Highways, and Local Streets and Roads? Results from Year Six of a National Survey June 2015 Agrawal & Nixon 1428
What Do Americans Think About Federal Tax Options to Support Public Transit, Highways, and Local Streets and Roads? Results from Year Five of a National SurveyJune 2014Agrawal & Nixon1328
What do Americans Think About Federal Tax Options to Support Public Transit, Highways, and Local Streets and Roads? Results from Year Four of a National Survey June 2013 Agrawal & Nixon 1228
Collaborative Funding to Facilitate Airport Ground Access June 2012 Gosling, Wei & Freeman 2503
What Do Americans Think About Federal Tax Options to Support Public Transit, Highways, and Local Streets and Roads? Results from Year 3 of a National Survey June 2012 Agrawal, Nixon & Murthy 1128
Systematic Procedures to Determine Incentive/Disincentive Dollar Amounts for Highway Transportation Construction Projects June 2012 Pyeon & Lee 2908
Cost Estimate Modeling of Transportation Management Plans for Highway Projects May 2012 Pyeon, Lee, Ellis & Park 1007
A Decision-Support Framework For Using Value Capture to Fund Public Transit: Lessons From Project-Specific Analyses May 2012 Mathur & Smith 1004
Revisiting Factors Associated with the Success of Ballot Initiatives with a Substantial Rail Transit Component June 2011 Haas & Estrada 2911
What Do Americans Think About Federal Transportation Tax Options? Results From Year 2 of a National Survey

June 2011

Agrawal & Nixon 1031
Examination of Regional Transit Service Under Contracting: A Case Study in the Greater New Orleans Region

April 2011

Iseki, Rivasplata, Houtman, Smith, Seifert & Sudar 2904
The Intersection of Urban Form and Mileage Fees: Findings from the Oregon Road User Fee Pilot Program

March 2011

Guo, Agrawal, Dill, Quirk & Reese 2909
Getting Around When You're Just Getting By: The Travel Behavior and Transportation Expenditures of Low-Income Adults January 2011 Agrawal, Blumenberg, Abel, Pierce & Darrah 2806
Policy Issues in U.S. Transportation Public-Private Partnerships: Lessons from Australia July 2010 Czerwinski & Geddes 2807
What Do Americans Think About Federal Transportation Tax Options? Results From a National Survey June 2010 Agrawal & Nixon 2928
Improving Transportation Construction Project Performance: Development of a Model to Support the Decision-Making Process for Incentive/Disincentive Construction Projects March 2010 Pyeon & Park 2801
“Green” Transportation Taxes and Fees: A Survey of Californians June 2009 Agrawal, Dill & Nixon 2701
Transportation Financing Opportunities for the State of California October 2006 Agrawal, Dill, Goldman, Hall, Holtzman, Recker & Goodwin 2427
Factors Influencing Voting Results of Local Transportation Funding Initiatives with a Substantial Rail Transit Component: Case Studies of Ballot in Eleven Communities October 2001 Werbel & Haas 9904
Why Campaigns for Local Transportation Funding Initiatives Succeed or Fail: An Analysis of Four Communities and National Data June 2000 Haas, Massey, Valenty & Werbel
Analysis of Policy Issues Relating to Public Investment in Private Freight Infrastructure. December 1999 Evans & Kelley

Transportation Finance Summit and Forum Reports

Title Date
Author MTI
The Next Fifty Years: Addressing California’s Mobility in a Time of Financial Challenges February 2010   2864
The Fourth National Security Summit: Transportation Finance: Tough Choices Down the Road October 2006 2651
Lessons Learned: A Conference on Transit Referenda and Why They Succeed or Fail November 2001 2101
Our Transportation Crisis: Who Will Pay? November 1998

Transportation/Land Use/Environment Research Reports

Title Date
Author MTI
Designing Road Diet Evaluations: Lessons Learned from San Jose’s Lincoln Avenue Road Diet July 2017 Nixon, Agrawal & Simons 1629
Synergistic Integration of Transportation Demand Management Strategies (Land Use, Transit, and Auto Pricing) with New Technologies and Services (Battery Electric Vehicles and Dynamic Ridesharing) to Enhance Reductions in VMT and GHGOctober 2015Rodier, Alemi & Smith1207
Active Travel Co-Benefits of Travel Demand Management Policies that Reduce Greenhouse Gas EmissionsApril 2014Rodier, Lee, Haydu & Linesch1109
Transportation Futures: Policy Scenarios for Achieving Greenhouse Gas Reduction Targets March 2014 Kay, Noland & Rodier 1149
Residential On-Site Carsharing and Off-Street Parking Policy in the San Francisco Bay Area June 2012 Rivasplata, Guo, Lee, Keyon & Schloeter 1001 - Part I
Amenity or Necessity? Street Standards as Parking Policy June 2012 Guo, Rivasplata, Lee, Keyon & Schloeter 1001 - Part II
An Economic and Life Cycle Analysis of Regional Land Use and Transportation Plans June 2012 Rodier, Martin, Spiller, Abraham & Hunt 1008
Ecodriving and Carbon Footprinting: Understanding How Public Education Can Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Fuel Use April 2012 Shaheen, Martin & Finson 2808
Model-based Transportation Performance: A Comparative Framework and Literature Synthesis April 2012 Rodier & Spiller 2805
The Impact of Center City Economic and Cultural Vibrancy on Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Transportation March 2012 Holian & Kahn 1002
The Nature of Context-Sensitive Solutions, Stakeholder Involvement and Critical Issues in the Urban Context December 2011 Panero & Botha 2610
Potential Economic Consequences of Local Nonconformity to Regional Land Use and Transportation Plans Using a Spatial Economic Model June 2011 Rodier, Spiller, Abraham & Hunt 2902
Understanding Household Preferences For Alternative-Fuel Vehicle Technologies June 2011 Nixon & Saphores 2809
An Investigation into Constraints to Sustainable Vehicle Ownership: A Focus Group Study March 2011 Flamm & Agrawal 2903
Carsharing and Public Parking Policies: Assessing Benefits, Costs, and Best Practices in North America June 2010 Shaheen, Rodier, Murray, Martin & Cohen 2612
Greenhouse Gas Emission Impacts of Carsharing in North America June 2010 Martin & Shaheen 2702
Equity Analysis of Land Use and Transport Plans Using an Integrated Spatial Model February 2010 Rodier, Abraham, Dix & Hunt 2601/2705
Linking Highway Improvements to Changes in Land Use with Quasi-Experimental Research Design: A Better Forecasting Tool for Transportation Decision-making October 2009 Funderburg, Nixon & Boarnet 2703
How to Ease Women's Fear of Transportation Environments: Case Studies and Best Practices October 2009 Loukaitou-Sideris 2611
An Ambit-Based Activity Model for Evaluating Green House Gas Emission Reduction Policies August 2008 Zia 2613
Creating an Educational Network in California to Assess and Address its Future Transportation Education Challenges July 2008 Flouris 2614
Applying Smart Growth Principles and Strategies to Resolving Land Use Conflicts Around Airports September 2008 Lee, Gosling & Irvin 2303
Connecting Transportation Decision Making With Responsible Land Use: State and Regional Policies, Programs, and Incentives. February 2008 Binger, Lee, Rivasplata, Lynch & Subhashini 2607
Beyond Uncertainty: Modeling Transportation, Land Use, and Air Quality in Planning October 2007 Rodier 2407
How Far, By Which Route, and Why? A Spatial Analysis of Pedestrian Preference June 2007 Schlossberg, Agrawal, Irvin & Bekkouche 2406
Verifying the Accuracy of Land Use Models Used in Transportation and Air Quality Planning: A Case Study in the Sacramento, CA Region October 2005 Rodier 2302
Modeling Long-Range Transportation and Land Use Scenarios for the Sacramento Region, Using Citizen-Generated Policies May 2005 Johnston, Gao & Clay 2107
The Pasadena Gold Line: Development Strategies, Local Decisions, and Travel Characteristics along a New Rail Line in the Los Angeles Region April 2005 Lund & Willson 2305
Can Consumer Information Tighten The Transportation/Land-Use Link? A Simulation Experiment March 2006 Levine, Rodriguez, Song & Weinstein 2202
Higher-Density Plans: Tools for Community Engagement September 2004 Schreiber, Binger & Church 2204
Using Spatial Indicators for Pre-and Post -Development Analysis of TOD Areas: A Case Study of Portland and the Silicon Valley September 2004 Schlossberg, Brown, Bossard & Roemer 2203
Toward Sustainable Transportation Indicators for California August 2003 Lee, Wack, Jud, Munroe, Anguiano & Keith 2106
Verifying the Accuracy of Regional Models Used in Transportation and Air Quality Planning June 2003 Rodier 2108
Trucks, Traffic, and Timely Transport: A Regional Freight Logistics Profile June 2003 Niles 2004
Making Growth Work for California’s Communities May 2003 Schreiber, Binger & Church 2111
The California General Plan Process and Sustainable Transportation Planning June 2002 Lee, Wack, Deertrack, Duiven & Wise 2003
Land Use and Transportation Alternatives: Constraint or Expansion of Household Choice June 2002 Levine, Inam, Werbel & Torng 9803
Developer-Planner Interaction in Transportation and Land Use Sustainability June 2002 June 2002 Inam, Levine & Werbel 9905
Using the Internet to Envision Neighborhoods with Transit Oriented Development Potential June 2002 Bossard, Colman, Hobbs, Keck, Reed, Roemer, Taketa & Zheng 2001
Envisioning Neighborhoods with TOD Potential (Includes demonstration CD) May 2002 Bossard, Hobbs, Hondorp, Kelly, Plembaeck, Salazar, Subotic, Taketa, Tran, Wang, Zheng & Colman 9810
Using Fiber Networks to Stimulate Transit-Oriented Development: Prospects Barrier and Best Practices October 2001 Siembab, Graham & Roldan 2007
Applying an Integrated Model to the Evaluation of Travel Demand Management Policies in the Sacramento Region September 2001 Johnston, Rodier, Abraham, Hunt & Tonkin 9804
Construction of Transit-Based Developments: New Policy Initiatives for Governments September 2001 Lefaver, Buys, Castillo, Mattoon & Vargo 9901
Applying an Integrated Urban Model in the Evaluation of Travel Demand Management Policies in the Sacramento Region: Year Two September 2001 Johnston, Rodier, Abraham & Hunt 2002
GIS for Livable Communities: Examination of community Perceptions of Assets, Liabilities and Transportation Improvements September 2001 Horan, Serrano & Murran 9806
Best Practices in Developing Regional Transportation Plans September 2001 Rothblatt & Colman 9811
A Planning Template for Nonwork Travel and Transit Oriented Development September 2001 Nelson, Niles & Hibshoosh 9807
Sustainable Communities/San Joaquin Valley Growth Response ( Non grant funding) August 2001 Schreiber
Public Land with Private Partnerships for Transit Based Development May 1997 Lefaver

Transp./Land Use/Environment Summit & Forum Reports

Title Date
Author MTI
Turning Over a New Leaf: The start of an electric vehicle revolution November 2010 MTI 2866
Meeting the Challenges of Urban Transportation June 2010 MTI 2969
Bringing World-Class High-Speed Rail to America: Special General Session, 12th Annual Transportation and Infrastructure Summit January 2010 2960
*Planning for Surface Transportation and Land Use - A June 1995

Transportation Security Research Reports

Title Date
Author Project
The Challenge of Protecting Transit and Passenger Rail: Understanding How Security Works Against Terrorism February 2017 Jenkins 1130
Emergency Management Training for Transportation Agencies August 2016 Edwards, Goodrich & Griffith 1280
Trains, Concert Halls, Airports, and Restaurants—All Soft Targets: What the Terrorist Campaign in France and Belgium Tells Us about the Future of Jihadist Terrorism in Europe June 2016 Jenkins & Clair 1532
Exercise Handbook: What Transportation Security and Emergency Preparedness Leaders Need to Know to Improve Emergency Preparedness February 2014 Edwards & Goodrich 1103
Formulating a Strategy for Securing High-Speed Rail in the United States March 2013 Jenkins, Kozub, Butterworth, Haider & Clair 1026
A Framework for Developing and Integrating Effective Routing Strategies Within the Emergency Management Decision-Support System May 2012 Pande, Edwards & Yu 2901
Carnage Interrupted: An Analysis of Fifteen Terrorist Plots against Public Surface Transportation January 2012 Jenkins & Trella 2979
Security Awareness for Public Bus Transportation: Case Studies of Attacks Against the Israeli Public Bus System March 2012 Butterworth, Dolev & Jenkins 2978
Continuity of Operations/Continuity of Government for State-Level Transportation Organizations September 2011 Edwards & Goodrich 2976

Generic Continuity of Operations/Continuity of Government Plan for State-Level Transportation Agencies

August 2011 Edwards, Goodrich & Medigovich 1080
Exploring the Effectiveness of Transit Security Awareness Campaigns in the San Francisco Bay Area June 2010 Rohlich, Haas & Edwards 2914
Emergency Management Training and Exercises for Transportation Agency Operations June 2010 Edwards & Goodrich 2910
Terrorist Attacks On Public Bus Transportation: A Preliminary Empirical Analysis March 2010 Jenkins, Butterworth & Shrum 2982
Explosives and Incendiaries Used in Terrorist Attacks on Public Surface Transportation: A Preliminary Empirical Analysis March 2010 Jenkins & Butterworth 2875
The 1995 Attempted Derailing of the French TGV (High-Speed Train) and a Quantitative Analysis of 181 Rail Sabotage Attempts March 2010 Jenkins, Butterworth & Clair 2501-2
Handbook of Emergency Management For State-Level Transportation Agencies February 2010 Edwards & Goodrich 2850
Supplement to MTI Study on Selective Passenger Screening in the Mass Transit Rail Environment January 2010 Jenkins, Butterworth & Gerston 2876
Implementation and Development of Vehicle Tracking and Immobilization Technologies January 2010 Jenkins, Butterworth & Edwards 2983
Potential Terrorist Uses of Highway-Borne Hazardous Materials January 2010 Jenkins & Butterworth 2981
The Role of Transportation in Campus Emergency Planning June 2009 Edwards & Goodrich 2727
Selective Screening of Rail Passengers February 2007 Jenkins & Butterworth 2501
Designing and Operating Safe and Secure Transit Systems: Assessing Current Practices in the United States and Abroad November 2005 Taylor, Sideris, Liggett, Fink, Wachs, Cavanagh, Cherry & Haas 2301
Saving City Lifelines: Lessons Learned in the 9-11 Terrorist Attacks September 2003 Jenkins & Winslow 2114
Protecting Public Surface Transportation Against Terrorism and Serious Crime: Continuing Research on Best Security Practices October 2001 Jenkins & Gersten 9805
Terrorism Overview October 2001 Jenkins
Protecting Surface Transportation Systems and Patrons from Terrorist Activities December 1997 Jenkins

Transportation Security Perspectives

Title Date
Author Project
Terrorist Vehicle Attacks on Public Surface Transportation Targets September 2017 Jenkins & Butterworth --
The Threat to Air and Ground Transportation Posed by Mentally Disordered Assailants (PDF) March 2017 Jenkins & Butterworth --
Preliminary Thoughts on the Role of Insiders in Attacks on Transportation Targets (PDF) June 2016 Jenkins & Butterworth --
Transit is a Terrorist Target (PDF) May 2016 Jenkins & Butterworth --
Long-Term Trends in Attacks on Public Surface Transportation in Europe and North America (PDF)January 2016Jenkins & Butterworth--
The High-Speed Rail Attack in France: What are the security challenges for protecting rail systems? (PDF)August 2015Jenkins & Butterworth--
Troubling Trends in Terrorism and Attacks on Surface Transportation: The Outlook Is Grim, but People Still Have a Great Deal of Control (PDF)March 2015Jenkins & Butterworth--
Suicide Bombings Against Trains and Buses Are Lethal but Few (PDF) November 2014 Jenkins & Butterworth --
The Breach of Security at San Jose’s Airport Raises Broader Issues (PDF) May 2014 Jenkins --
A Terrorism Analysis of the April 14, 2014, Bus Terminal Bombing in Abuja, Nigeria (PDF) April 2014 Jenkins & Butterworth --
The Terrorist Attack in Kunming, China: Does It Indicate a Growing Threat Worldwide? (PDF) March 2014 Jenkins & Butterworth --
Mineta Transportation Institute Says Subways Are Still in Terrorists’ Sights (PDF) March 2014 Jenkins & Butterworth --
By the Numbers: Russia’s Terrorists Increasingly Target Transportation (PDF) January 2014 Jenkins & Butterworth --

Transportation Security Summit and Forum Reports

Title Date
Author Project
Bus Operator Awareness Research and Development Training Program July 2012 Kozub & Jenkins 2875-II
Rail Security: Critical Insights and Applications January 2012 MTI 1261
Rail Passenger Selective Screening Summit October 2009 MTI 2891
The Fourth National Security Summit: Approaches to Passenger Screening March 2007 MTI 2654
Third National Transportation Security Summit: Rail Security – A Symposium onTerrorism and Business Continuity September 2005 MTI 2353
California Transportation Security Summits April 2003 MTI 2118
National Transportation Security Summit October 2001 MTI 2110
Terrorism in Surface Transportation - A March 1996 MTI

Transportation Workforce and Labor Research Reports

Title Date
Author MTI
Facilitating Telecommuting as a Means of Congestion Reduction June 2010 Da Silva & Virick 2803
Paving The Way: Recruiting Students into the Transportation Professions June 2009 Agrawal & Dill 2408
The Impact of Telecommuter Rail Cars on Modal Choice May 2005 Hayton 2205
The Future of Transportation Education: A Needs Assessment of the Transportation Management Program at San José State University June 2004 Valenty 2201
Transit Labor Relations Guide September 2001 Oestreich & Whaley 9906
Issues Related to the Emergence of the Information Superhighway and California Societal Changes December 1996 Botha
*An Assessment of Needs for Management Training and Education in Surface Transportation in the United States and Canada September1994 Giglierano

Transportation Workforce and Labor Summit and Forum Reports

Title Date
Author MTI
The Crisis in Workforce Development March 2008 MTI
Toward a Cooperative Future? Labor-Management Relations in Surface Transportation: A * May 1997

Miscellaneous Transportation Research Reports

Title Date
Author MTI
Analyzing the Potential of Hybrid and Electric Off-Road Equipment in Reducing Carbon Emissions from Construction Industries September 2017 Holian & Pyeon 1533
Permeable Pavement as a Sustainable Management Option for Highway Stormwater and Safe Use of Roadways June 2017 Ndon & Al-Manaseer 1626
Data Presentation on Transportation Agency Websites: Trends and Best Practices May 2017 Cherman 1501
Transportation Construction Work-Zone Safety Impact on Time-Related Incentive Contracting Projects March 2017 Pyeon & Kim 1224
Managerial Segmentation of Service Offerings in Work CommutingMarch 2015Silver1232
Building Consensus and Partnerships for Implementing the MAP-21 Section 5310 Program in CaliforniaApril 2014Ferrell & Appleyard1229
Assessing Importance and Satisfaction Judgments of Intermodal Work Commuters with Electronic Survey Methodology September 2013 Silver 1127
Development Challenges of Secondary and Small Airports in California June 2012 Ashiabor & Wei 2804
Proactive Assessment of Accident Risk to Improve Safety on a System of Freeways May 2012 Pande, Nuworsoo & Shew 1006
Assessing Importance and Satisfaction with Factors in Intermodal Work Commuting February 2012 Silver 1033
Wellness Lessons From Transportation Companies September 2011 Osland, Clinch, Ramsay & Wells 1028
Tribal Corridor Management Planning: Model, Case Study, and Guide for Caltrans District 1 June 2011 Scoggin & Adams 2604
User Evaluations of Intermodal Travel to Work: Exploratory Studies June 2011 Silver 1025
Lessons Learned in Attempting to Survey Hard-to-Reach Ethnic Segments Along with the Presentation of a Comprehensive Questionnaire January 2011 Werbel 2207
A Case Study of Enterprise Historic Resources Information Management In Large Transportation Agencies January 2010 Ingbar 2502
Exploration of Data Sources for Air Cargo Studies November 2006 Wei 2525
The Travel Behavior and Needs of the Poor: A Study of Welfare Recipients in Fresno County, California May 2002 Blumenberg & Haas 9808
Effects of Online Shopping on Vehicular Traffic - October 2001 Giglierano & Roldan 9903
(NAFTA II) California Border Zone Land Transportation Issues September 2001 Gray & Kelley 9802
Non-Pricing Methods to Optimize High Occupancy Vehicle Lane Usage September 2001 Gray, Harvey & Kelley 9908
Impact of the North American Free Trade Agreement on Transportation in the Border Areas of the United States August 1999 Gray
Maintenance and Continued Development of the IISTPS Transportation Information System, TransWeb January 1999 Belanger & Kwan
*Development of a Statewide Surface Transportation Network Utilizing the International Transportation Information System ITIS June 1996 Belanger

Miscellaneous Transportation Summit and Forum Reports

Title Date
Author MTI
No Road, No Rage: a Forum on Expanding Bay Area Ferry Service September 2003 MTI Staff 2251
Regional Transportation Hot Spot Forum Marin/Sonoma 101 Corridor April 2003 MTI Staff 2112
Visioning Session Silicon Valley June 2000
Driving into the 21st Century: Technology Solutions to Transportation Problems November 1998
*American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials Region 4 Research Advisory Committee - Summer Meeting Proceedings