Research Publications

MNTRC is actively engaged in dozens of transit research projects. Check back often for the latest releases.

Sustainable Transportation
(Garrett Morgan Education Program)

Symposium Reports
Title Date Published Author Project
Sixteenth Annual Garrett Morgan Sustainable Transportation SymposiumApril 2016MTI1663
Fifteenth Annual Garrett Morgan Sustainable Transportation SymposiumMay 2015MTI1564
Fourteenth Annual Garrett Morgan Sustainable Transportation Symposium November 2014 MTI 1461
Thirteenth Annual Garrett Morgan Sustainable Transportation Symposium October 2013 MTI 1361

Transit Issues

Research Reports
Title Date Published Author Project
Bus Transit Operational Efficiency Resulting from Passenger Boardings at Park-and-Ride FacilitiesSeptember 2016Niles & Pogodzinski1401
Experimental Modeling of NOx and PM Generation from Combustion of Various Biodiesel Blends for Urban Transport Buses August 2016 Kumar, Kim, Omidvarborna, Yarlagadda, Kuppili & Sawtarie 1245
Improving Pathways to Transit for Persons with DisabilitiesAugust 2016DiPetrillo, Lubin, Loukaitou-Sideris, Salehian, Gibson, Williams & Green1233
Benefit-Cost Analysis for Transportation Planning and Public Policy: Towards Multimodal Demand Modeling August 2016 Holian & McLaughlin 1203
Transit Performance Measures in CaliforniaApril 2016Rodier & Isaac1208
Estimating Uncertainty of Bus Arrival Times and Passenger OccupanciesMarch 2016Gayah, Yu & Wood1246
Economic Impacts of Bus Rapid Transit in Southeast MichiganDecember 2015Dutta & Henze1237
A Longitudinal Analysis of Cars, Transit, and Employment Outcomes September 2015 Smart & Klein 1244
Neighborhood Crime and Transit Station Access Mode Choice – Phase III of Neighborhood Crime and Travel BehaviorAugust 2015Ferrell, Mathur & Appleyard1107
Advanced Low-Floor Vehicle (ALFV) Specification Research August 2015 Iyer, Mishra, Klinikowski, Thompson, Strange, Boggs & Thornblad 1151
Development of Bus-Stop Time Models in Dense Urban Areas: A Case Study in Washington DCAugust 2015Arhin & Noel1239
What Do Americans Think about Public Transit? A Review of U.S. Public Opinion Polling Survey Questions July 2015 Agrawal 1132
The Benefits of Transit in the United States: A Review and Analysis of Benefit-Cost Studies July 2015 Ferrell 1425
Comparing Data Quality and Cost from Three Modes of On-Board Transit Passenger Surveys June 2015 Agrawal, Granger-Bevan, Newmark & Nixon 1206
Investigating the Determining Factors for Transit Travel Demand by Bus Mode in US Metropolitan Statistical AreasMay 2015Alam, Nixon & Zhang1101
Changes in Transit Use and Service and Associated Changes in Driving Near a New Light Rail Transit LineMay 2015Nixon, Boarnet, Houston, Spears & Lee1108
Understanding Public Opinion Regarding Transit in Southeast MichiganApril 2015 Bernasconi, Zhong, Hanifin, Slowik & Owens1236
Electrical and Thermal Modeling of a Large-Format Lithium Titanate Oxide Battery SystemApril 2015Cleary, Kunte & Kreibick1150
The Purpose, Function, and Performance of Streetcar Transit in the Modern U.S. City: A Multiple-Case-Study InvestigationFebruary 2015Brown, Nixon & Ramos1201
Net Effects of Gasoline Price Changes on Transit Ridership in U.S. Urban AreasDecember 2014Iseki & Ali1106
An Approach for Actions to Prevent Suicides on Commuter and Metro Rail Systems in the United States November 2014 Botha, Neighbour & Kaur 1129-2
Combustion Chemistry of Biodiesel for Use in Urban Transport Buses: Experiment and Modeling October 2014 Kumar, Kim, Omidvarborna & Kuppili 1146
Measuring Benefits of Transit Oriented Development October 2014 Noland, Ozbay, DePetrillo & Iyer 1142
Fatigue Evaluation of the Increased Weight Limit on Transit Railway Bridges September 2014 Nassif, Ozbay, Lou & Su 1143
Automated Transit Networks (ATN): A Review of the State of the Industry and Prospects for the Future September 2014 Furman, Fabian, Ellis, Muller & Swenson 1227
Enhancing Transit Service in Rural Areas and Native American Tribal Communities: Potential Mechanisms to Improve Funding and Service August 2014 Kaseko, Nyagah & Teng 1147
Understanding & Modeling Bus Transit Driver Availability July 2014 Ozbay & Morgul 1140
Modeling Taxi Demand with GPS Data from Taxis and Transit July 2014 Gonzales, Yang, Morgul & Ozbay 1141
Transit Access and the Agglomeration of New Firms: A Case Study of Portland and Dallas June 2014 Noland, Chatman & Klein 1145
A Study of Factors that Inhibit and Enable Development of Sustainable Regional Transit Systems in Southeastern Michigan March 2014 Hanifin, Anderson, Bernasconi, Dutta, Hoback & Semple 1136
Assessing the Comparative Efficiency of Urban Mass Transit Systems in Ohio: Longitudinal Analysis Dec. 2013 Min 1135
Evaluation of Bus Transit Reliability in the District of Columbia Nov. 2013 Arhin & Noel 1139
Long-Term Trends in Patron Satisfaction of DC Circulator October 2013 Noel, Arhin & Thomas 1138
Measuring the Performance of Livability Programs July 2013 Haas & Fabish 1126
California Voting and Suburbanization Patterns: Implications for Transit Policy July 2013 Holian & Kahn 1105
Analyzing the Effects of Transit Network Change on Agency Performance and Riders in a Decentralized, Small-to-Mid-sized US Metropolitan Area: A Case Study of Tallahassee, Florida May 2013 Brown, Batuhan, Bhattacharya & Jaroszynski 1102
2012 Census of California Water Transit Services December 2012 Kos, Carvalho, Javier & Agrawal 1133
Summit and Forum Reports
Title Date Published Author Project
Podcar City Washington November 2013 MTI 1367
The Metro Detroit Transit Workshop: Unpack the Challenge September 2013 MNTRC 1380

Transportation Security

Research Reports
Title Date Published Author Project
Emergency Management Training for Transportation Agencies August 2016 Edwards, Goodrich & Griffith 1280
Trains, Concert Halls, Airports, and Restaurants—All Soft Targets: What the Terrorist Campaign in France and Belgium Tells Us about the Future of Jihadist Terrorism in Europe June 2016 Jenkins & Clair 1532
Exercise Handbook: What Transportation Security and Emergency Preparedness Leaders Need to Know to Improve Emergency Preparedness February 2014 Edwards & Goodrich 1103
Summit and Forum Reports
Title Date Published Author Project
Rail Security: Critical Insights and Applications January 2012 MTI 1261
Transportation Security Perspectives
Title Date Published Author Project
Preliminary Thoughts on the Role of Insiders in Attacks on Transportation Targets June 2016 Jenkins & Butterworth --
Transit is a Terrorist Target May 2016 Jenkins & Butterworth --
Long-Term Trends in Attacks on Public Surface Transportation in Europe and North AmericaJanuary 2016Jenkins & Butterworth--
The High-Speed Rail Attack in France: What are the security challenges for protecting rail systems?August 2015Jenkins & Butterworth--
Troubling Trends in Terrorism and Attacks on Surface Transportation: The Outlook Is Grim, but People Still Have a Great Deal of ControlMarch 2015Jenkins & Butterworth--
Suicide Bombings Against Trains and Buses Are Lethal but Few November 2014 Jenkins & Butterworth --
The Breach of Security at San Jose’s Airport Raises Broader Issues May 2014 Jenkins --
A Terrorism Analysis of the April 14, 2014, Bus Terminal Bombing in Abuja, Nigeria April 2014 Jenkins & Butterworth --
The Terrorist Attack in Kunming, China: Does It Indicate a Growing Threat Worldwide? March 2014 Jenkins & Butterworth --
Mineta Transportation Institute Says Subways Are Still in Terrorists’ Sights March 2014 Jenkins & Butterworth --
By the Numbers: Russia’s Terrorists Increasingly Target Transportation January 2014 Jenkins & Butterworth --