Media Coverage

MTI’s expertise in surface transportation topics has brought the organization a great deal of media coverage. This list represents a sample that includes print and broadcast stories.

Date Title Media Outlet
08/22/2019 Report Analyzes Human Reaction Time to Autonomous Vehicle Failures SDC Executive
08/22/2019 What Happens When Autonomous Technology Goes Wrong? Trucking Info
08/21/2019 New Report Analyzes Human Reaction Time to Autonomous Vehicle Failures For Construction Pros
08/21/2019 New Report Analyzes Safety of Humans Reacting to Autonomous Vehicle Failures OEM
08/19/2019 3 Ways Business and Government Can Help Relieve Commuter Stress Commuter Benefit Solutions Blog
08/18/2019 Debating the Sharing Economy The Good Men Project
08/17/2019 White supremacy-fuelled killings to be classed as domestic terrorism under new law proposed in New York Latest Nigerian News
08/16/2019 New York moves to classify 'hate-fueled' killings as domestic terrorism The Daily Gazette
08/08/2019 Philbrick: New mega measure for transportation can succeed San Jose Spotlight
08/01/2019 Letter: We have time to reverse climate crisis if we act decisively San Jose Mercury News
08/01/2019 Faculty Spotlight: ​Electrified Transportation Washington Square Magazine
08/01/2019 The High, Regressive Costs Imposed by Electric Vehicles Planetizen
07/27/2019 $2B in balance between zero-emission sales rate, state’s 2040 goal Daily Republic
07/24/2019 Planners Can Help Increase Opportunity and Fairness Planetizen
07/22/2019 The Effect of Electric Vehicles on California Transportation Funding Streetsblog
07/18/2019 Rod Diridon on VTA: A job half done
07/17/2019 California Middle-Schools’ Transportation Projects Honored in Prestigious Garrett Morgan Competition State DOT News
07/11/2019 Fleets with family-leave policies attract more drivers
07/02/2019 Women are Changing the Transportation Industry Fleet Owner
07/01/2019 Survey: Americans Support Higher Taxes for Infrastructure
07/01/2019 High School Students Participate in Summer STEM and Skills Program at NTU & Earn College Credit Native News Online
06/26/2019 Research Shows Little Consistency in ‘Rules of the Road’ for Micromobility Devices Planetizen
06/25/2019 TR News May-June 2019: Women and Gender in Transportation TRB News
06/24/2019 Support for raising the federal gas tax has risen steadily since 2010 Mass Transit Magazine
06/23/2019 Survey finds growing support for raising federal fuel taxes Fleet Owner