Media Coverage

MTI’s expertise in surface transportation topics has brought the organization a great deal of media coverage. This list represents a sample that includes print and broadcast stories.

Date Title Media Outlet
12/26/2010 Effectiveness of airport body scanners eyed Newsday
12/26/2010 Washington Post More body scanners coming to an airport near you Washington Post
12/22/2010 New cash for high-speed rail stop? Gilroy Dispatch
12/21/2010 Flying or driving this holiday? Here's what you need to know San Diego Union Tribune
12/20/2010 High-speed rail board OK's plan to extend route toward Bakersfield Bakersfield Californian
12/18/2010 Norm Mineta Honored by House Resolution Contra Costa Times
12/16/2010 Metro anti-terrorism teams to begin random bag inspections to avert attacks Washington Post
12/15/2010 China Leads the World of High-Speed Trains Global Times
12/14/2010 American terrorism expert alerts Canadian lawmakers about al-Qaeda Canada Free Press
12/09/2010 Securing rails: doable, if complicated, endeavor Homeland Security Newswire
12/08/2010 Canadian lawmakers quiz American terrorism expert about al-Qaeda Law Enforcement Examiner
12/08/2010 Chinese rail lays tracks to US Global Times
12/03/2010 First California HSR segment to be in the valley San Francisco Chronicle
12/03/2010 High-speed rail activities to slow down ono Peninsula The Almanac
11/29/2010 Safeguarding the Rails: Four Avenues for Increasing Security Emergency Management
11/27/2010 Can a nation divided be secure? Los Angeles Times
11/24/2010 Rail engineers make first segment recommendation Silicon Valley Business Journal
11/24/2010 Thanksgiving Travelers Call It a Turkey Southern California Public Radio
11/19/2010 Analysis of Caltrain death patterns begins long-term study of railroad suicides Stanford Daily
11/18/2010 High-speed politics Gilroy Dispatch
11/13/2010 Brian Michael Jenkins: Risky Business Los Angeles Times
11/12/2010 Setting My Sights on Graduate School… Simon Oh
11/11/2010 Les Affaires La Californie prépare une révolution verte Les Affaires Monde
11/09/2010 Looking for patterns on commuter rail suicides (Mineta Transportation Institute) The Source, Transportation Headlines
11/05/2010 Bullet train construction to start in Central Valley Monterey County Herald