Media Coverage

MTI’s expertise in surface transportation topics has brought the organization a great deal of media coverage. This list represents a sample that includes print and broadcast stories.

Date Title Media Outlet
09/23/2011 Long-term transportation must be priority Rockford Register Star
09/21/2011 Public Supports 10-cent Gas-Tax Increase if Revs Reduce Air Pollution For Construction Pros
09/21/2011 Airlines fume; fliers face a higher 9/11 tax Research Sharebuilder
09/21/2011 Roadshow: Raising the gas tax to fix potholes has supporters San Jose Mercury News
09/09/2011 A decade after 9/11, airport security shifts focus Public Broadcasting Atlanta
09/09/2011 Post 9/11, MARTA Uses “Target Hardening” Initiatives to Counter Terror Threat Marketwatch
09/08/2011 Al Qaeda’s Outsize Shadow New York Times
09/06/2011 Travel in a post-9/11 world ABC News
09/02/2011 Caltrans goes on repaving binge across Bay Area San Jose Mercury News
09/01/2011 For Transit Agencies, Terrorists Are Moving Targets In Transition Magazine
08/26/2011 MTI Releases Template for State Continuiity Plans Passenger Transport
08/24/2011 BART says closing stations keeps passengers safe San Francisco Chronicle
08/19/2011 Drivers are willing to pay for better roads
08/16/2011 BART, Cell Phones, and Cybersecurity KQED Forum
08/11/2011 Report: Consensus crucial to rail ballot initiative success Metro Magazine
08/10/2011 High-Speed Rail Security Needs a Different Approach than Commuter Rail Mass Transit
08/08/2011 Why We Need to Revamp How We Protect Our Rail System Homeland Security Policy Institute
08/04/2011 Motivating Conformance with Land Use and Transportation Plans ULTRANS
08/04/2011 The federal budget bill possibly affects California construction of high-speed rail Sina News
08/01/2011 Plenty of uncertainty ahead with federal spending cuts ABC News
07/31/2011 Infrastructure funding woes leave us on a rocky road Democrat and Chronicle
07/29/2011 High Speed Rail on Peninsula Slows Down NBC Bay Area
07/29/2011 Fresno State to help train security pros Fresno Bee
07/25/2011 Bay Area Regionalism Oral History: Rod Diridon YouTube
07/22/2011 Survey: Consumers prefer gasoline vehicles, EVs come in dead last AutoBlogGreen